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7 weeks in

7 weeks in

Ok, so I am doing around 30-40 minutes of stretching and jelquing per day. I am pretty satisfied with my progress, as I never imagined P.E. actually existed other than as a exploitative gimmick.

I am now convinced as my erections have improved dramatically and my stats are up.

Started 28th June 04:-

6.1” L
4.9” W

Now 24th August 04:-

6.9” L
5.5” W

Great job, Dr. Buck! I just started in early August so I hope that I can see gains such as yours soon.

I havent PEd enough to measure but i aim for that 30-40 mins also. Its still back in my head that this doesnt work. This is the only site that has been able to convince me, 7000 active members cant be wrong!
Whenever i start to wonder what im doing, i think of those necks stretched in india, if that can be done to a neck, my dick can be worked longer too!

I hope to gain as much as you have, even if I dont, I wont stop until i lay in my grave! Hopefully they have to build a second coffin for my member!

Great gains, congrats!

Now those are some serious gains, keep up the good work!

hi there great work!. could you tell us what your routine has been?

Good Job !

I too started early August and have seen some gains, but not as good as yours.

Keep Growing!

Dr. Buck

I’m starting from the same place you started two months ago. Which routines did you use to start?


Welcome to Thunder’s, guys. Lots to learn here. Hope you cover all the newbies routines threads. They’re very informative.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Outstanding results and inspiration. I too started in August, lets keep up the good gains and posts.

Red Rooster

I just want to mention about the neck stretching people, the rings that they put around their necks to stretch them, if they removed their rings it would cause those people to die because they don’t have the muscle in their necks there to hold their heads up and eventually causes their air passages to collapse.

I also just started, and have been going for almost 2 months now, I have not yet seen any gains but I am still hopefull that when I start some of the more intensive excercises I will have better luck.

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