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OK, here`s the deal.
Started PE-ing some time ago, but had to ( not——> 2 ) quit because of lack of privacy.
But I am very determined not to give up, and I documented myself a lot in the meantime but nothing`s like a good advice.
So, I am asking this(because I already know that I should start increasing my length).

My LOT is somewhere around 10:30 so I should lengthen my ligs.

What type of stretches should I start doing ?
Which one of them work the ligs more ?

Thank you for your support.

I`ll get to where I`m going, no matter how.Nothing`s impossible.I`ll die before I quit.

Stretch downwards to hit the ligs.

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Current routine? Procrastination?

7x5.6 would be fine by me :up:

I do the between the legs stretch when I go to bed. You will really feel it stretch as you relax.


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