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6.8-7.5 from a stretching only routine


Originally Posted by Ruz_
As a year PE’er I think I want to reinforce the issue of stretching.

Regardless of whether the method is ADS, hanging or manual stretching, all do the same thing, stretch!

So it should be no shock stretching produces results, nor is manual stretching inferior to anything else.

Streching and jelqing are the basic building blocks of gains, simple.

Hanging gives more control and the ability to produce longer stress i.e. try doing a BTC manual strech for twenty minutes, your hand would probably drop off!

The point I make to newbies, just because it is called the newbie routine DON’T think the routine is somehow limited or it is only something to be done for a few months until you reach for other methods.

The newbie routine is likely to deliver the best gains for many people and could easily be used for many years.

yea sooon i think im gonna start doing jelqing in addition to my regular stretching PE. only thing is i hate how messy it is :(

Originally Posted by Determined2Gain
Congratulations! I myself haven’t started my PE program yet (will begin August 1st) but I have concluded even before my program that length gains are very realistic, and usually more attainable of the two dimensions (length and girth). I’m confident I can get to at least 6” from 5” BPEL, and your story makes me that much more convinced (my ultimate goal is 7”).

Determined! I love your name wish I’d thought of it, anyway your at the same size as I was when I stumbled on to Thunders, 5.1 BPEL and 4.75 EG mid shaft around 10 weeks ago. I’m also determined and Hell bent to hit my goals which are short term 6 BPEL and 5 EG.

As of July 20th with just doing a lighter version of the Newbie routine I’m 3/16 of a inch from my short term goal of 6 BPEL and already hit my girth goal of 5 EG., that’s in ten weeks time. So the only advice I can give is stay consistent, go easy at first, and get busy! I started the next day after finding Thunders, why the wait till August?

Headed for 7+ NBPEL and 5.5 EG by this time next year, I’ve only been a member here since the end of June but have been doing PE consistently for ten weeks as of today, and I also was using a vac pump prior to that with many injuries, just throwing everything out there, be careful and Good Luck!

shookone, read and apply the Forum Guidelines, please.

Sounds good. I’m a “restarter” and I also think about an only stretching routine to gain. (Also with some jelq at shower).

#Restarter #beginner

Now: 5.9" (15 cm)

Goal: 6.4" (16.5 cm)

Originally Posted by Thor89
Sounds good. I’m a “restarter” and I also think about an only stretching routine to gain. (Also with some jelq at shower).

Look at my thread.

Originally Posted by shookone
So for about 3 months now I’ve been doing manual stretches, at first I was warming up but I really lost hte time for that.. So for the past 2 months or so it’s been no warmup stretching whenever I get the chance, not to a ridiculous point but my penis is often a little sore. My flaccid sice has improved tremendously, and my erect has changed from 6.8 (more or less - I remember I couldn’t get to 7 with the ruler) to about 7.5.

PE works!!

Very good. When you do the stretch outside routine, how many seconds you do?
What directions?

Started last week. 10/23/2017

BPEL: 6.4 x 5.5

I do basically the same. And I’ve gone from 6.3 to 6.75. My first 3 months of PE I didn’t gain a single thing besides some EQ gains within the first 2 weeks. But just the past 3-4 weeks I’ve ditched having a routine. And in the past 4 weeks of stretching manually I’ve made that 6.3-6.75 jump. I stretch pretty much whenever I can. Also fowfers. Stretching when I first wake up, in the shower, every time I use the bathroom, before bed. If I’m around the house and no ones home I’ll walk around just stretching it out. Usually not even holding it long at all. Just stretch out as far as it can go then let go and grab it and repeat. Sometimes I hold it too tho. Sometimes 5 seconds, sometimes 30. I usually end up doing a total of an hour of fowfers, not all at once. I don’t take any rest days at all. Stretching 7 days a week, fowfers 6 days a week. I listen to my body. If EQ is great, no soreness, no negatives sides physically or physiologically, then I keep going.

Only two things I do is manual stretching and fowfers. Focusing on length at the moment. Once I hit 7.25 BPEL I’ll throw in girth specific work and still continue to stretch.

Any change in the EQ (erection quality) in that stretching only routine?

In my case, after some weeks of only stretching I noticed a positive effect. Sometimes, really rock hard and the angle is
Increased a little.

#Restarter #beginner

Now: 5.9" (15 cm)

Goal: 6.4" (16.5 cm)


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