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6.5" Girth

6.5" Girth

Sorry , english isn’t my native language. I’m 19 and I’m still a virgin with a gf , my EL is 5.8” with 6.5” Girth I’m not so sure about the length but I know that 6.5 inch girth is monstrous ( it looks like a red bull can)
Yep , short but fat .. .. ..
Honestly I’m to lazy to start out with PE , I’m still a virgin I”m not sure is that enough for ( I know it’s too much for anal for most woman ) “Normal” sex ?

I don’t see me doing PE for more than 1 week :S ,my BPEL is 6.3” or so .. Most people with 6.5” girth have at least 7”-8” Length

Experience ?

Originally Posted by Girthocolis

I’m still a virgin I”m not sure is that enough for “Normal” sex

More than enough.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Well , I guess that girth is important , right ? :O

It’s enough, you’ll be fine. You probably have to go a bit easy on your girlfriend the first time. Make sure you have some decent foreplay and that she’s proper wet first.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

A friend of mine asked me this , so I will ask you guys with a bit more experience, he’s already at 5.5 inch and loves anal(that’s his fetish) , what is too big for anal , he started PE 2 month’s ago and got 0.2” girth gains ,would 6” EG be too much for most women ? His ex wife had no problems even with a red bull can (seriously)

But I’m sure she’s unique .

It depends on the partner if they are willing to put that much inside. From what I hear it can take a while to gain girth. So if he can find someone who wants to do it anal keep peing until the partner says they can’t take it. You don’t want to get the gains and not be able to use it anymore right?

It is crazy that 6.5 inches around doesn’t sound like much till you actually go measure what 6.5 inches looks like. Fuckin huge.

My current love interest loves when I do anal with her. Yes, you heard me right. However, I have never encountered that until her.

I wanted to ask, why are you on here if you are “too lazy” for PE? Your penis is more than enough, so stop worrying about it and if you really like this girl, use it. However, hanging does not require a lot of work hands on so to speak. And in my opinion, starting with hanging versus stretching for the newbie routine is extremely safe provided you literally start with only 1-2 pounds. Why? Because it is measurable, and you pulling on it is much more than 1-2 lbs of force. Good luck to you.

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