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6.2 x 5.2 , thrombosis issues!

6.2 x 5.2 , thrombosis issues!

Hi all, I just want to ask you something guys._Do you see your upper vein_(the superficial penile vein) when you do PE?_I started PE for a month the summer and gained temporary 0.3 inches in lenght._Then came a moment that I actually could see the vein on the top and all the little veins surrounding it._At that point I thought that seeing your veins is a normal thing._I searched the net and it came out that if you actually see the vein on the top you might have thrombosis?!_WTF, I was so disappointed and stopped PE for a long time waiting it to heal._And recently I noticed something very,_very strange._When I’m having an erection while lying on the bed, the veins are actually hard to see, but when I’m on my feet the veins are all very visible_(and is more difficult to keep the erection)._Does someone experience the same symptoms too._I have varicocele on the left side, and it is visible only when I’m standing on my feet, too. So I thought it may have a connection somehow._I don’t know what to think. There is no pain whatsoever, but surely is a difference in the erection quality_(on the bed and standing on my feet)._I would like to continue with the PE but I’m wondering what should I do.

Last edited by westla90069 : 09-29-2007 at . Reason: Don't they put a space after each sentence in Bulgaria?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with you at all. When you are standing, there is just more blood pressure available to your cock as it drains out of your head. :) When you are lying down, blood pressure is very evenly distributed. When you stand, there is more blood in the lower half of your body. When you stand on your head, there is more blood in the upper half of our body. Don’t worry about it. You are normal.

Thanks man.I thought of that but wasn’t sure it is was the reason.And to the editor , yes , actually in Bulgaria we don’t put space after each sentence.

I’m in Greece now.

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