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I’ll try it for a month :) Do you have any good idea how to incorporate it into my current routine? And maybe some links for explanations how to do them? Thanks!


I think many people do not respond well to jelqing as far as size gains. I certainly do not respond to it. My length gains all came from stretching and my girth gains didn’t start until I started doing Ulis.

That is not to say to give up on jelqing, it is great conditioning and good for penis health, but maybe try not to focus on that so much and do some Ulis and orange bends and see how you respond.

I don’t think I would ever clamp, it just seems too dangerous to me. I’d hold off on the pump until you give other manual exercises a try first. The pump, I think, should be brought out after you find something that works for you manually for a while and then the gains start to slow or become non-existent.

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