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6 Months in

6 Months in

Well, I got some decent results, I do a serious 3 day on / 1 day off routine which is the following:

5 min keg,
40min stretching 2minutes in each direction and 10 minutes stretching my cock underneath my asscrack (what’s the name of that stretch again ? ) :)
10 min (around 200 to 300 dry jelqs) + 2x 30 seconds manual clamping ( I block my cock wiht my hands).

I’m quite happy with that routine but I know I can do a lot better and I was wondering whether you guys could give me advices, I read some stuff but I never can put my hand on a solid advice here, what would you do ?

Oh and btw I’ve been doing this for 2 years almost but wasn’t consistent before last year and didn’t keep track.

Here goes the 6month improovement:
FL / 3.9¨ FG / 5.5¨ EL / 5.5¨ EG 12/12/12 ^^
3.3¨ FL / 4.3¨ FG / 5.8¨ EL / 5.8¨ EG 04/05/13

I’ve been growing a bit everywhere but I feel my penis is now hitting a plateau, I’m not far from my goal if I can keep growing like that every 6 months (I’ll try for a nice 6.5/6.5 EL/EG)

What do you guys think ? Should I invert the jelqing and streching (I stretch a lot I know ahah) ? Start some clamping ?

The good news it: I have a solid 2 hours/day at hand this year so, I guess I’ll be PEling a lot :)

Thank you for your time and that you for being awesome and existing :)

Great job man, wish i could gain like that. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, I stretch a lot, I sometimes watch a soccer game’s first half (45 min) warm up and stretch 20 minutes during the second half, I think it does make a difference for me.

Wow that’s a lot of stretching really I would never be able to do that. I’d say since you seem to have a lot of stamina in your hands a routine like bennett8’ one (check my favorites) would be what fits your needs.

Thank you I’ll definately check it out and add some v-streches.

What do you recommend for slow but awesome girth gain ?

Dry jelqs are the best for ‘real’ girsth gains, other girth techniques seems to give faster gains, but most of that is just fluid build up. I’d add fulcrum strethces over a very thick fulcrum and maybe a wise pumping routine for assistance.

I’m very scared of pumping, I’ve read everywhere that it’s just very dangerous, are the gain worth it ? + My penis is curved so I would be a pain..

Is there anything similar to pumping ? Maybe clamping ?

And sorry to bother you but what do you mean by “very thick fulcrum ” ?

Thanks in advance and hope I’m not annoying with all my questions ahah, I’m just trying to start a new routine for the next 6 months and chose decent stuff I can do with consistence :)

Thank you for help !

Clamping is generally considered more dangerous than clamping. Pumping is not dangerous if pressure is kept low. Of course If you don’t like pumping, you don’t have to. :)

Very thick fulcrum, well, for downward fulcrum stretch the ideal fulcrum would be a cylinder with a diameter roughly 1/3 of your EL; if you are 6”, a 2” diameter fulcrum should work the best.

Okey I started to fulcrum with my wrist but it is 2/3 my flaccid penis, how bad is it ? Anyways, about jelqinq, I wanted to make sure I’m doing it right: I have to maintain an erection and jelq 80-90% erect penis ?

I’ll definately dry jelq more for girth.

One last thing, are we sure flaccid streches (or v streches) are for EL ? Cause it feels I gain a lot more FL. I sometimes stretch my 50% erect penis, I believe its good for improoving my EL, is that true or a myth ?

Ancora grazie amico, non ho visto che sei italiano, sono croato ! :)


The general consensus is that around 70% of maximum erection is the best for jelqing, above that is very hard to move blood. The general consensus is also that FL gains tend to come first, EL gains next, so if those are working for FL it is a good sign.

I think stretching with the wirst you are stretching mostly the side of the penis - which is good - but to stretch the penis flat downward a tube or something is required. 2/3 of your flaccid penis, I don’t know what this means when related to your erect penis; anyway as long you find comfortable with it and you feel a good stretch, good.

Ohhhh I see now, yep sorry I mixed EL and FL for the fulcrum thing lol good thing to know. I might wait for the fulcrum thing as I will remain manual.

But I will try to stretch my penis flat aswell as you mentionned it is interesting and maybe, with time, build a fulcrum !

Thank you for your time, and see you in 6 months with penises ! :’)

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