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6 months and no gains


Thanks. So any advice on how long to decondition for?

Are you paying close attention to your PIs ?

How are your morning and night woods? Is flaccid hanging larger ? I think it’s extremely important. I am the kind of guy that one minute more will over train my unit.

Check it here - Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Originally Posted by cervixhunter

Something doesn’t fit in this image. Firm flaccid may suggest overtraining, but no gains at all indicates undertraining. Overtraining is associated with quick initial gains that later stop.

I suggest changing your routine to something very different from what you have done until now.

Overtraining can lead to injuries and prevent gains.


doggot, if you’re interested in length I’d recommend an ADS. They’re relatively newbie-friendly, but you’ve still got to do your research. If you wear an ADS 4+ hours per day, you will make gains and it’s a simple fact. However, if you’re in it for girth I don’t know what to tell you except that you need to refine your jelqing method. Until you perfect jelqing nobody can really recommend that you go onto clamping or anything because there is a lot more potential for injury there. Here’s an exercise that you can try:

Use an upside-down OK grip at the base of your unit, and gently but firmly pull downwardly so that blood swells up toward the glans. Hold it like this toward the ground for 30 seconds or so. This is a great method for combining a stretch and jelq which I’ve used before and gotten considerable gains from. I’d recommend throwing your entire routine out except for that. Just do this exercise for five minutes two or three times throughout the day. When you start gaining from that, come back and we’ll help you figure out what to do next.

Remember to pay attention to your PI’s. After you do your exercises, your penis should be hanging fat, long and happy. If it shrivels up and/or feels tight or tough, you’re doing something wrong. Also, I’d recommend ejaculating no more than 3 times per week. This will ensure that your penis is able to acheive maximum erection power.


Many thanks for taking the time, matutinal. I am in it for girth to start with. I will give this upside-down OK technique a go. Should I wait to see if my hard flaccid disappears first?

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Don’t do PE if you have a hard flaccid.

Try changing techniques. Play around. If you’ve been jelqing with the same technique for 4 months without any gains didn’t you have the curiosity that there may be something wrong with your exercise?

START: 6/15.2 BPEL x 5/12.7 MSEG [02/26/10]

GOAL: 7.5/19.1 BPEL x 5.5/14 MSEG

Originally Posted by srslybear

Try changing techniques. Play around. If you’ve been jelqing with the same technique for 4 months without any gains didn’t you have the curiosity that there may be something wrong with your exercise?

Yeh of course, like every day. Throughout the 6 months I was always making slight alterations to the way I grip, the firmness I use, the duration of jelq. I figured it was just a case of perfecting the jelq as surely I couldn’t be going that far wrong with such a basic exercise, but obviously not.

My flaccid is still hard so guess I’ll just have to wait and hope that it heals.

doggit, I’ve gotten the hard flaccid before and the best way to get rid of it is to lay off PE except for hot towel wraps and maybe adding some herbal supplement Ginkgo or Avena Sativa. Also, you need to make sure you don’t ejaculate too often. If you masturbate or have sex, that’s usually good for your penis health as long as you don’t ejaculate. I’ve explained my understanding of it on Thunder’s before, and I’ll give you a little explanation right now. When you get an erection you are building up internal pressure and it serves the purpose of allowing you to penetrate deeply and eject semen. Once you ejaculate your junk says “Ok, I’ve done my job.” The biological purpose is served and your penis is below standard for several days. Instead, if you just realize that sex is more enjoyable without ejaculating and that you get to enjoy the experience and not worry about premature ejaculation, and you figure out that there is a distinction between ejaculation and orgasm, you will find that every time you have sexual stimulation and then avoid ejaculating, the pressure accumulates and stays leaving your flaccid hang bigger and your erection bigger and stronger. Anyway, once your flaccid returns to normal you can do the upside-down OK grip. Once that gives you gains you can go onto some new stuff. Just my .2.



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