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6 inches or bust

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how to get from 5 inch to6 fast






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6 inches or bust

How long does it take on average to get 1inch Long by jelqing and is it permanent is their a program that works faster than the others

It takes about 3-24 months, cemented gains will become permanent, there is no such a thing as “fastest gains routine” every man’s penis react differently on PE

Start NBPEL 5.9" MSEG 4.7"

Goal 7x5

Everybody is a bit different, so no one can really tell you how long it will take. And also, no one can tell you what will work faster, or fastest for you. Don’t make the mistake that I and many others have made, just assuming that somehow “more is better”. You’re not building muscle, so you can’t be trying to up your efforts every time you step into “the gym”, so to speak. Likewise, “advanced” techniques are not faster, or better, they are in fact more intense because it becomes necessary to throw increased intensity into your program once your penis becomes conditioned to standard workouts. Start the newbie routine, and don’t bother changing it up, as long as you continue to gain.

Well spoken advice, heed it.

As for Me, it depends on whose bust you are giving me! i like large to extra large busts!

Well said RayB.

Newbie routine. Start reading (and continue doing so), don’t do anything stupid, it’s not a race.

Start: BPFSL/BPEL/MSEG: 158mm/143mm/109mm (6.2"/5.6"/4.3") (end Sep '10)

Now: BPFSL/BPEL/MSEG: 160mm/150mm/112mm (6.3"/5.9"/4.4") (end Oct '10)

GOAL: BPFSL/BPEL/MSEG: 190mm/190mm/130mm (7.5"/7.5"/5.1")

You must get rid of that “fastest way” mentality because you won’t gain anything at all, you’ll end up in injury forum instead. Do the newbie routine and research, research, research.

First 1” can take anywhere from few months if you’re lucky to 2 years, maybe even more depending on your penis.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

It takes a while to really get gains. Even people who get big length improvements in a short time isn’t really that short of a period. We are talking months and years here to get inches. The point is to be growing-if you are growing at any amount, then you are on the right track and you should keep going. Don’t overdo it, you would be surprised that 10 minutes a day every 2 or 3 days with rest in between will get you growing. Everyone is different, but you have to form a basic routine and stick to it. And as far as I’ve seen, I’ve personally never used any pills that got me gains unless I was using them with P.E., so keep that in mind too. Patience is the golden virtue.

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