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50 slow Jelqs?

50 slow Jelqs?

Hello all,

I’m new to the site and have been researching PE for a while, but havent really dedicated myself to a routine as there is a plethora of information out there and I don’t really know what works.
-I’m really just wanting to gain a solid inch.. Then Ill look into girth and other aspects of PE.
I was dong some research on youtube and ran into PenisProfessor. Com
-There is a guy with some videos talking it up real good and he even showed the equipment on camera as proof. He held a ruler to it and it was sure enough a solid 8inches flaccid.
-He gives a free exercise of a 5 minute warm up with wet rag, and then 50 slow jelqs with a 5 second count. He says you can make a gain of a couple inches in about 4 weeks.

If at all possible, vets please chime in, do you think this is accurate or should I just start with trolling the newb section?
I appreciate your assistance in advance.

Have you read the beginners routine? It’s the best place to start.

It’s not realistic to gain a couple inches in 4 weeks no matter what the routine, most likely going to take several years, dedication and some luck to get that much of a gain.

Start with reading the newbie routine thread at the top of the beginners forum, and go from there, would be my advice.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Hard to believe that 50 jelqs will lead to so much gains in short period of time … I don’t believe this.

50 jelqs surely can get things moving at your penis, enhance your EQ and vascularity, get conditioned for further exercises and approaches … and maybe a little measurement gains if you are lucky (body responses varies from person to person).

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Originally Posted by givvmeainch

-He gives a free exercise of a 5 minute warm up with wet rag, and then 50 slow jelqs with a 5 second count. He says you can make a gain of a couple inches in about 4 weeks.

Welcome to Thunders Givvmeainch,

I think a couple of inches in 4 weeks is a little unrealistic. Maybe 0.5 of an inch is possible, but only in regards to newbie gains… and only if you are lucky ;)

I don’t see anything revolutionary in his Routine… so if I was you, I’d stay away from the guy, he sounds like he’s full of shit.

Have a look at the Linear Routine, do that for 3 to 6 months, read up, and go from there.

There’s no Miracles in PE, and if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Good Luck :)

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Two inches in 4 weeks is possible if you want have have a long limp noodle that never works again. Stay away from this guy. The reality is that 2 inches really is possible with many years of hard, consistent work using a routine that works for you. Everybody is different. Some people respond to high tension hanging and vigorous training but most others would be setting up an appointment with a Urologist trying to find out what went wrong.

My suggestion is to learn everything there is to know about PE and your anatomy, starting here:

Physiological Indicators
Linear Newbie Routine
Newbie Routine

It is always better to start slow and easy and adjust as needed than to start hard and fast and require medical assistance. PE can give you awesome results but it is up to you to learn what your body needs to grow.

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Hi givvmeainch,

With a month under my belt of PE, I think an inch in 4 weeks is an illusion.

Plus, the penis professor is a salesman which equals hype. There isn’t any shortcuts that would safely help someone gain an inch in 4 weeks. Slow, safe, and steady wins the race always. :)

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Hey thank you all so much for providing me your insights. So with that bit of advice, I will trash that routine and start with something from the basic section.

I actually found this:

PE for Life.

I’m gonna do a variation of this for a month or so and see where I end up, its still a little intense for me.

Oh yeah, here is the guy on youtube I was telling you about:

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