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50% jelq?

50% jelq?


I’m (wet)jelqing for about 5 months now.

If I’m ready after 40 minutes continues jelqing, the penis looks very exhausted as it’s should be. BUT the first part of the penis hasn’t had a good workout in my opinion. That part of the penis looks less worked out in comparison with the second part. I notice the issue also when I’m jelqing. When I jelq the first part, I feel very less tension. The second part is much heavier.

I think my penis gets with my jelq-workout only a 50% treatment with (I think) 50% potential gains.

Are there people who notice the same thing? And maybe have a solution for the “problem”?

I follow this plan:

-5 minutes hotwrap
-30 minutes stretch
-5 minutes hotwrap
-10 minutes Arabic jelq
-30 minutes powerjelq
-5 minutes hotwrap



This is common, and there are a few things you can try:

1) When you go for a jelq stroke, push your hand as far back as possible (essentially bone pressing it) to jelq as much of the shaft as is possible.
2) Try hanging. Hanging has increased the base girth of a lot of people, thus evening out your unit.

Anyone have any more?


ICM is right on the money here, due to the nature of the exercise the upper part of the shaft will recieve more pressure and gains. Make sure you start your jelqs from as close to the base as possible like ICM suggests. Apart from that, there’s little you can do.


Thanks for the reactions.

I read on this site several times that hanging is good for girth-gains at the first part of the penis. (I always thought that hanging is only good for length and has negative influence on girth). If I was wrong and hanging can gives girth gains at the base of the penis, it seemes reasonable to replace my OK-finger-stretch and go hanging.



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