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5.25 inch and looking for modest gain.

5.25 inch and looking for modest gain.

I am very new to PE, I have only been doing it for about a week. My routine is mostly stretches and I haven’t quite got the hang of jelqing yet. I just turned 18 this past month. I’m only looking for modest gain. I haven’t heard any complaints about my size I just fell the need to increase my size for the girl that I love. I measure now only about 5.25 inches while erect. I am looking for some tips on goal setting and if possible some suggestions about devices such as hangers or pumps.

Don’t worry about devices yet. You have to condition your penis to avoid injury, and it takes a while. Follow the newbie routine. It is well designed and most make good gains on it. I doubt you’ll find anyone here who would not suggest it as the best starting point.

Welcome to the forum. Read lots and learn much. It saves much wasted time long term.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thank you fire goat.

Acctually some may suggest that the newbie routine would be to much for a newbie. Some may acctually suggest that the newbie routine is too much for some people who aren’t newbies. Read some of Sparkyx’s recent posts.

Open question for all. Being of similar stats, I’ve done stretching for like 4 months now, and I still am a bit sore where I imagine all the tendons and stuff for about a day or so afterwoods it’s that the same for people who have conditioned themselves to be sued to the exercises?

I ask because I havn’t made much gains and figure being young perhaps I don’t have as much potential to gain from ligament stretching because I’m less reccessed into my fat pad as seems to happen as you get older?

So probably looking to get one of these devices again that works on the stretching and allowing the cells to grow creating permamemnt length.

Most definitely try the newbie routine! And are you an athlete or a physically active person? If you aren’t I suggest running at least a mile every day. It’s less than 10 min of your time and it helps with blood flow and the release of testosterone and many other hormones. It also acts as a catalyst (event starter, think of a small explosion) for sending out more vitamin C and vitamin E which help rebuild your body’s cells at night.


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