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5 Questions from a Newbie: Please help.

5 Questions from a Newbie: Please help.

OK— so I just finished the first set of my newbie routine. I have some questions I’m hoping the community can answer:

1. If I have to stop because I either become too erect, or lose blood in my penis, should I reset the clock, or just continue from when I left off?

2. In what increments should I increase time? If I’m starting with 5 min of stretching and and 10 min of jelqing, how should I progress and how quickly?

3. I’d prefer to avoid things like clamping and weight hanging if possible. That sounds dangerous. Can I make good gains just relying upon stretching and jelqing?

4. What are average gains after one month? Two months?

5. How can I make absolute sure that I don’t injure myself? And if I am in danger of injuring myself, will I notice immediately, or will it be a pain that comes later?


#1. Continue where you left off.

#3. Many guys do just that (manual stretches) and have reported gains.

#2 & #5. Listen to your penis. Follow your gut instinct. If you’ve overdone it, you will know directly afterwards.

#4. How many pounds does the average dieter lose in one month? We’re all different. Don’t judge the merit of your efforts by what someone else is posting. You are you. Also, one month is a relatively short timespan to be comparing gains.

#3: I’ve made excellent gains by a (intense) jelq-only routine

#5: You will notice it immediatly. Pain, severe discoloration, strong numbness, etc. tell you instantly if something’s gone wrong.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

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