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5 months in gains have stopped. Now what?


Your gains are more than great in 5 months, so take 1-2 week/s off and the restart. It’s natural, that your grow speed slows down, this is the moment, where you need patience.

After 5 months, you’re ready to venture into new exercises and it seems that your penis needs them. In my case, I gained some length but no real measurable girth during my conditioning months. Therefore, I started with a girth focused routine with a lot of squeezes. They seemed to help but the measurable gains were still modest. I added in some flaccid bends for a few weeks and then started supra slammers. The supra slammers were the first time I really saw my girth measurably expand during training sessions. I strongly suspect the build up of squeezes plus flaccid bends over the prior 2 months prepared my penis for its growth spurt. I made most of my girth gains in those 2-3 months but have plateaued again as I refocused on a more balanced length-girth routine.

BTW the shock therapy is a real concept for overcoming plateaus but I’d recommend just adding more advanced girth exercises to your newbie routine.

11/20/2011: BPEL: 6", MEG: 4.75" (goal BPEL: ~7", MEG: 5.25")

5/9/12: BPEL: 6.5", MEG 5" (goal BPEL: 7.25", MEG: 5.5")

3/5/13: BPEL: 6.875", MEG 5 5" (max goal BPEL: 7.5", MEG: 5.75")

Thanks jd! Ya I have decided to add some orange bends after my break as it seems like many people have recieved excellent increases in girth after being fairly stagnant before. Now to just will power my way through my off week!!! I love doing PE so it’s hard to take a break haha, but I know it’s needed.


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