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5 inch girth

5 inch girth

Well, it took me about six months to condition my unit before I could do any exercises with force; I would constantly get red dots or turtle neck. I started working on girth with about ten minutes of stretching if I can and fowflers all the time. I seem to have gained some flaccid length but no erect gains. My starting stats are 7x5, I did not measure before but I think I actually may have been a little under 5. Anyway I still think my penis looks skinny!! I am just wondering if anyone had any pictures of 5inch girth. Seriously I measured myself like 6 times today because I just bought a measuring tape and I still cannot believe I have five inch girth, I thought it was much smaller.

Maybe you have a biggish CS chamber which is the part on on the underside. The thickness made up of 2 CC chambers on mine are smallish so yeah I feel my dick is skinny but the big CS makes it to 5inches. I’m sure you measured correctly. By the way if you want more length I’d advise you to get that first. We have pretty much the same stats. I’m getting to 8inches then I’ll work on the girth. It’s been said with a larger girth it’s harder to gain length.

What is turtle neck? Is it the same as turkey neck or does it mean something different?

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I have 5 1/4 girth and I’ve always thought my dick looked much thicker then that. I relised that my dick is wider to the side but not up and down. Kind of an oval shape. This gives the illusion of being girthier then I really am. Your dick is probably more perfectly round. This would make you look smaller to yourself. However you still have the same size. It’s all the shape IMO

I thought about gaining length first, I do some manual stretching usually ten minutes I am hoping to get some length gains along the way working on girth. I never thought myself to have a large cs chamber, but you guys are probably correct it is just the shape of my penis. I am still amazed that I measure 5 inches girth, not like thats big but I did think I was around 4.5. Thanks guys, Id still like to see some pictures if any one is willing to post.

Most of my increased girth has come from the underside, not the side to side.

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A turtle neck is like a turkey neck but with a hard outer shell.

Originally Posted by GreenLights
A turtle neck is like a turkey neck but with a hard outer shell.

:rolling: Good one.

I didn’t measure girth for awhile after I measured for length because I was sure it would be no more than 4.5. I was also surprised at what I measured. I measured it mulitple times, and even used a string and pulled it around as hard as I could to make sure I was getting a good measurement without including the CS. Hopefully gaining .5 will be possible. :)

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