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Ihave been noticeing that alot of guys here are 6” and up starting out. I would like to get just one inch longer and I would be happy. Here is my ?? I am 4.75” long when hard if I do Jelging does it really work? What about all the pills? What about using a pump on one day and the next do stretching and Jelg and just keep switvhing like that. Will that work? How many of you have told your partner what you are doing??
Well please let me know, I will be reading threads and try to make some sense out of all this info.


I started a little over 5 inches. Now I’m just over 6. My routine consisted of 30-45 min jelqs and manual stretching 5 days a week.

The permanent effects of pumps are debatable. Some people swear by them though. I haven’t personally ever used a pump.

I don’t have a partner to tell.

What is LOT?

It stands for Loss of Tugback.

It’s the angle at which your dick stops getting pulled back by doing kegels.

To find this, stretch your flaccid penis upwards and perform some kegels. Start moving your penis lower, maintaining the stretch. Continue doing kegels. When your penis stops tugging back, this is your LOT. 12 o’clock would be straight up, 6 is straight down, like on a clock.

Originally Posted by KenWood
What is LOT?

Bib’s LOT Theory

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Yes it works. I found a support group on MSN for men with small penises. Many of the men there are around your size, some smaller and some bigger. I’ll dig out the URL tomorrow and share it with you. You won’t learn how to make yoru penis bigger there, but you may find some men who can relate to you (you’ll find that here, too). It’s a nice little place.

Stick around and learn how to make your pecker bigger. Learn everything you can, and listen to the advice of those who know what they’re talking about.

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KenWood - If you’ll go to the main page of the Newbie Forum and look at the list of posts you’ll find several at the top that are “stuck” there. They are always in the same place, no matter how long it’s been since any one posted or read them. Find the following threads and read them. You’ll get a lot of answers:
A Newbie Primer
A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises
Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers
The most often asked and annoying questions!

And this one:
Bib’s LOT Theory

You’ll have a lot of your questions answered by reading them.


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