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4.5 inch Girth - Can I satisfy a woman


4.5 inch Girth - Will I be able to Satisfy a Woman

At 6 inches BPEL x 4.5 girth my dick is obviously fairly pathetic, well at least the girth anyway.

I’ve been doing newbie routine on and off for 7 months now and seen no improvement whatsoever. Before you shoot me down, I realise consistency is key but due to my living arrangements its extremely difficult to exercise everyday. I try to keep it as regular as possible and was hoping to have seen some minor gains by now. My penis doesn’t even hang well directly after exercise. I have watched video tutorials on the site and spent more time than I care to admit to myself reading info this website. The point being I’m pretty sure I’m performing the exercises correctly.

My insecurity about my size started when I was 13, I’m now 19. There was not a major traumatic incident that occurred, it was simply overhearing girls, seeing other guys in locker rooms at high school, and reading a plethora of info on internet about size, mostly on women’s forums.

I did this research on internet to reassure myself and find the answers I wanted to hear but in fact did the complete opposite.

I think a lot of the negative feelings about my unit stem from being a significant grower. The flaccid state is essentially what you see every time you have a piss and walk around with in day to day life, and when theres not much there, its difficult to feel good about yourself and confident around girls. For me anyway.

The insecurity has progressively got slowly but surely worse over the years to the point now that suicide is a comforting thought. I’m not actually suicidal so don’t freak out but I wake up most days half hoping I will be hit by a bus, so not exactly in a good place.

I was actually a pretty confident kid with lots of attention from girls but my confidence has slowly decreased to the point I really hate myself now, just because of my size. I suppose I’m very angry about all the things its stopped me doing. Some examples being, playing sports ( I use to play soccer for team), going on beach holidays with friends, going to the gym. I have developed severe pee shyness making it very difficult for me to use public restrooms let alone urinals, so consequently stopped me drinking socially in bars and clubs.

Worst of all stopped me from having any girlfriends, flings, nothing.

I did have an opportunity with a girl. Everything was going ok but then when it came to actually having sex, I couldn’t get an erection. This is something I’ve never ever experienced before and I’m sure its totally psychological. I’m sure this happened due to the intense anxiety I have of anyone even seeing my unit, this was the first time a girl had even seen it and was clearly enough of a shock to my system, without having to perform as well.

If you’ve read the above I think I can safely say the next thing without coming across as arrogant. I’m a very good looking, intelligent, witty guy. I even use to have a pretty good sense of humour before I felt like this. This makes it worse as I have constant opportunities with really hot girls, provocative smiles and inviting looks even from women I pass in the mall. But of course whilst not only being afraid of how my size will go down, I’m questioning whether I would be able to get it up. Maybe a one night stand is simply FAR to much pressure giving my current state of mind.

The real question is to other guys that started at 4.5 girth or somewhere close, and to how this went down with the ladies?

Everything I read on women’s forums, the internet, overhearing girls talking, only justify my fears further with CONSTANT emphasis on importance of girth. Nearly every thread on this website itself, brings up how much more important girth is than length and how much the ladies love it. The science also agrees, more nerve endings being touched so more pleasure. Girth, girth, girth. So I guess I’m pretty fucked at 4.5 girth?

It would be great to hear from other guys with similar dimensions as the thought of getting a girlfriend and everyone finding out about my size would be the end of me.

And we all know how much girls talk about that to each other. I have witnessed many of these conversations myself. It seems some girls actually like talking about this around guys,

E.g ’ he’s sooooooo hung’ with dreamy eyes.

Followed by a glance at you. Maybe its a sort of test to gauge the males reaction and find out his size.

I apologise for the sob story but you can’t exactly talk to anyone about this sort of thing. I feel like I’m mentally falling apart and thunders seems a very supportive community.


- Please don’t honey coat the truth. I want to hear it as it is.

- Tell me ‘a girl can get off with just her finger and that my dick is bigger than a finger’. Its a different sensation to being fucked, sometimes they just want to be filled up. Finger also can exert more direct pressure than a penis so I don’t see it as a fair comparison.

(To moderators - I know I’ve posted a similar thread to this before but I want more advice, so please don’t delete)

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In short, yes you can. Focus on technique and the psychological aspects of sex, and you’ll be good to go.

Moreover, women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes. Some women will have a cavernous vagina, others won’t. Of course you won’t want to go spelunking in Miss great trench’s gap, but there are women out there that will find you uncomfortable.

Short answer…. Yes. You can do much with what you have. Start with the post from Vincent Van Cock where he explains his CDS technique. Maybe someone from the forum knows what I’m talking about and can chime in. It will definately take you far

VG, I had most of my highly active sex years before I knew anything about PE. My dick was smaller than yours. I was bisexual, so I saw lots of dicks as well as lots of pussy. I knew I was small. I was very good looking, smart, witty, (still am but getting old now :) ) and I had a great body. Because I was always a confident guy, most guys and girls thought I must be hung. Did anyone’s world come crashing down when I pulled my pants down? No it did not. Why? Because I didn’t care. I knew I was more than capable of giving anyone a good time.

You see, I had learned the great sexual secret. We are all egotistical. When you get into a ‘sexual’ situation with someone, their thoughts are not actually about you at all! You are thinking about what they will think about your dick, your body, whether your deodorant is holding up under the excitement, a whole host of things. They are wondering if you think they are fat, or if their tits are too small (of large, or saggy), whether you will hate the industrial strength underwear they are wearing because they didn’t expect to pull so didn’t wear their latest Ann Summers frillies. Or whether their deodorant is holding up. Or did they wipe properly :eek: . Or a whole host of other things! You are not important; they are.

If you genuinely make them feel confident in themselves, and leave your own ego outside the bedroom door, you leave your worries with your ego, out in the cold.

Your mind is your biggest sex organ. Make them feel a million dollars and they will do their best to make you feel the same.

There are lots of techniques that work very well whatever your size. If you lack girth, don’t take the path of least resistance! That is, don’t go straight in and out. Angle it up or down, so you are pressing against the vaginal walls just as though you had more girth etc.. It’s worth remembering that porn is porn, and the sort of fucking that you see on porn is mostly for the camera, not for pleasure. Porn has grown a whole generation of guys who have no idea how to pleasure a woman.

Have a read through these threads. Do a bit of mental practice and visualisation. You really have nothing to worry about.

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Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Are you sure you aren’t me? Everything about your thread literally describes my life (and my size…I’m 5” girth at the base but 4.5 midshaft)—only difference is I’m a few years older than you. I was around your age (in college) when I first ‘dabbled’ in PE…it didn’t last, i probably did it for 2 weeks but it’s hard when you’re living in the dorms.

First thing that came to mind when I read that you’ve been doing the newbie routine for 7 months with no gains was —HOW?? It’s pretty rare to see someone w/ absolutely no gains from the newbie routine. Then I re-read and saw that you did it ‘off and on’. THIS, good sir, is why you have not gained. You answered your own question. And don’t be ‘ashamed’ to submerge yourself in these forums. In fact, I encourage it. The guys who are most successful are the guys who become OBSESSED about getting a bigger cock. Obsession may not seem like the healthiest avenue, but think about anything else you’d try to get good at. Would you get good at it if you dabbled, or if you focused most of your energies on it? Spend long hours here my friend, read up on success stories.

You have to believe in PE, because if you think it’s a load of shit as you do it, the quality of your exercises go down, and so does your dedication. Have I gained from PE? No. I’m currently on an injury layoff because I rushed my routine and upped my number of jelqs each session too quickly (for me, I’m a less is more guy). So basically, I PE’d for 2 months and near the end of it I injured myself. Now I’m sitting out. But I KNOW it works. You know why? Because I measured over 5.75 nbp at one point, and that’s NEVER happened to me. I measure a fuckload, and I know that I had at least something gained right before I got injured. Also, my flaccid hung like it NEVER HUNG BEFORE. Like you, directly after excercise it was actually smaller. This is a normal reaction of ligaments after they are stretched, they tend to tighten up temporarily. Some people here report the opposite (better hangs after workouts), but for me, at least with manual stretches, I had the same effect as you. Many people reporting better hangs after PE’ing are doing what’s called hanging, a more advanced stretching routine (not for beginners) that is different and more hardcore than manual stretches.

The newbie routine works when properly (**points to myself in shame) and consistently (*points to you) done. The more you read up on it here, the more success stories you will read and the more faith you will have in it, and the less you’ll have to stress about wondering if you’re waisting your time.

Hope you give it another try man, and if not, whenver your living situation gets better you should go for it. Your size is small. As you said, dont sugarcoat it. But you are on the largest end of the small spectrum, there’s guys here way worse off than this. You can please a woman with what you have, but certain girls will talk shit about your dick behind your back (personal experience, I’m your exact size). Then again, other girls wont talk any shit at all and will want to date you. So dont put your life on hold if you can help it (mine is currently on hold and it sucks). Just pick a girl who seems sweet. The great thing is, with 6 months of consistency (many report great gains even in 3 months, again, of CONSISTENCY), then you can reach average and above average very, very quickly.

At least you’re not a tiny guy working your way up to small! Not to diss any of them, but just putting things into perspective for you. You’re starting off with a good PE size and you can reach into the 7 inches arena with that size, maybe larger. Check out this thread for motivation, it’s a guy who started at 4.6” and got all the way to 5.75” all within 3 months, with only the newbie routine…theres 46 pages of BADASS writing and inspiration and other examples of success in there. If you take the time, this thread WILL change your views on PE: Invisible’s Progress Thread: Hoping to Become Visible

Also, are you properly warming up and warming down? This alone will make the difference between gains and NO gains, as well as injuries. Preferably with warm water (best method)…rice socks are ‘meh’ in my opinion…definitely not as deeply penetrating as warm water or IR lamp (infra red lamp).

Best of luck younger version of me, hang in there.

I’m done bro. I love you. God you are the truth. See, a small flaccid is pure abuse. It sucks. (By the way being average girth and length is not “fairly pathetic”, but that’s irrelevent because most of your life you will possess a nice big flaccid and long thick erection if you keep the faith.) Do you know, my flaccid is almost cool now. That is, I’m pretty sure it is like about four inches or more a lot. And I used to, before PE, be a grower.

I got to keep wearing my extender, and going for length. Currently I’m injured with a busted vein! That’s right it was scary as hell, but basically painless and causing me to delay girth exercises for a good while.

My dick is changing colors. The end’s all red. That happens when your cock gets bigger and your flaccid starts to be man size. Seriously, I wished I got more warning somehow about discoloration. The pumper’s curse? Oh well my comrade, you see I said my dick is noticeably bigger. I could give infinite shits if it was purple polka dots.

So Thunders Place steered me to big dickness. And you are right to freak out about girth. You are perceptive. This will take hard work the fight rages on!

Start: 5.75 x 4.5 Current: 7 x 5.25

Such Spartan training is for the champ. -Bruce Lee

Yeah Smallja I got injured after two years trying to superset hanging, pumping, and jelqs, and I never liked jelqs. But i can still function, so I can resume a smart routine eventually, it’s about being smart and focused going forward!

I know for sure it works, too.

Start: 5.75 x 4.5 Current: 7 x 5.25

Such Spartan training is for the champ. -Bruce Lee

That is just average size, you are over thinking it. The only negative is your head is full of negatives instead considering anything about the girl, its basically self obsession, an excuse or ‘prop’

Dont take it all so literally, especially girls talk, women constantly run a front but they are alot more interesting then worrying about ‘maybe’

Ok, you asked for stories. I can tell you one, a true one.

I was so shitty nervous before having sex my first time as I knew I was nowhere near big(BPEL 6,2- 5” x4,7”EG) and of course I had overheard the girls, even the boys, my so called friends which I also used to have many of. ( Grower, not shower)

I was so small pre puberty that some people seriously almost asked me, indirectly, if I was androgynous( a really late bloomer as well to add to the injury). This did not help my confidence in the size department at all and has stuck with me to some extent my whole life obscuring my world view.
Now, one night out drunk as fuck I started making out and flirting with this semi good looking girl, had no problems getting the real good looking ones and had relationship after relationship with gorgeous girls but when it came time for sex I fled and just made up some stupid excuse and broke off the relationship, it was fucking crushing me inside. But as said I was making out with this girl drunk as fuck and I for some reason felt comfortable enough to go home with her, I actually snatched her from a friend of mine who liked her. ( I can be a total and utter dick head when drunk)

When we came to her place we got undressed immediately, and I could actually tell that she was a bit insecure about herself and luckily that helped me relax more and I just jumped on her thinking I would just put it right in her without foreplay. NO FUCKING WAY, I could not for the life of me get my rock hard dick inside her, she was tiiight and after some fingering and such I fucked her brains out, seriously. She really started liking me, even said she had a big crush on me and called me all the time after we had sex but I could not respond her feelings as I did not like her that way at all, guess I might have been a total dick head in brushing her off. After that I had no problem trying to get girls to bed, and I did for a good period, with a vengeance.

I must also say that I’m older now and have experienced a few women that did not dig my unit at all and on the other end of the scale a girl that told me it felt like I was tearing her apart and many of the girls I have had sex with repeatedly. As it is with dicks, it’s also with pussy, they come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t have any close friends as of today but that is mostly due to different reasons, living an alternative lifestyle for too long you might say, drugs and shit. Don’t carry all that negativity you have towards yourself further in life, it does no good. You are a perfect you and I’m sure you posess unique qualities that makes you a interesting and worth to know individual.

Start changing your thought patterns and view on size and life today my friend, it will get easier and better, that I can promise you. IF you put in the work both mentally and physically. I have problems remembering my exact number of girls I have had the joy of being with but it is in the 50+/- area and I’m in my late twenties now so there definitely is no reason why you should not go to bed with a woman, just try to find someone you feel comfortable around if you can.

I’ve never had a girl say I had a massive cock but I always managed to have girlfriends with no complaints, one even married me.

Let it go and enjoy your life, It’s not your cock it’s your insurcurity about your cock that’s holding you back but theres no words that can change that only you.

Nov 2009- 5.5 bpel - 4.3 mseg ------ Jan 20012- 6.75 bpel - 4.7 mseg

Short term goal 7 x 5

Goal 7.5 x 5.5

good luck brother!

Bullocks, you can totally satisfy a woman with 4.5” EG. Focus on enjoying yourself in a sexual encounter and take care of her needs via foreplay and oral. If you can lick a good pussy and give an orgasm like that, the majority of women won’t really care about your size. I started off with .1” more girth than you and I have had 3 partners. The first one was a virgin and she told me to go very slow because it was hurting her. The second one claimed I gave her multiple orgasms although I’m not to sure I believe that, but she totally wanted it again and again. Now with my current girlfriend of close to three years we have been having totally satisfying, great sex for a while. I can give her orgasms through oral and penetration if she stimulates her clitoris. Get out into the world and use your good looks to your advantage. Don’t let your perception that you are small hold you back. You’re not small dude, keep at your PE and you can end up at the high end of average size.

That post made me sad brother. Here’s a quick story (since its story time):

A couple weeks ago I met this girl, hit it off great. Everything going awesome. We talked about sexual stuff, cyber foreplay if you will. She mentioned anything over 6” hurt. So I knew if we had sex I had to be cautious. We hang out one night at her house, we got busy yada yada. I started fingering her, oral, etc to get ready . As I was fingering I noticed resistance, I almost couldn’t get 2in fingers in. Suddenly I realized, my 3.5-4” fingers are bottoming out! It was a shock, I’ve never been with a female with such a short canal.

I hope that helped a little OP, keep your head up! I really hope you can learn to feel comfortable. Firegoat said exactly was I was thinking. If you really learn to understand what he’s talking about, you will be golden!

Good luck to you!

JULY 30 2012 BPFSL: 5 7/8"" BPEL: 6" FG: 4 3/8-4 1/2 " EG: 4 3/4- 5"

OCT 1st 2012 BPFSL: 6.375" BPEL: 6 .375" EG: 5 3/16 "

GOAL: BPEL: 7.5" EG: 5 5"-6" would be nice!

I lost my virginity to a fat chick when I was 18. I was 4.3 inches in girth back then. Let me tell you some backstory before I tell you about how it went down…

I was always comfortable with the length of my dick. I mean, I always wanted a bigger dick, but the actual length of my dick didn’t bother me much. Problem was, I had a skinny dick. Not exactly a pencil-dick, but a skinny one. I didn’t think a girl would be able to feel me if I went inside of her. I mean sure, I had some length, but what does that mean if there isn’t any girth to support it?

When I reached the age of 18, I was so desperate to lose my virginity, I didn’t care who I lost it to (as long as it was to a woman). Hell, I didn’t care if the woman in question was as fat as a blimp or older than the crypt keeper, I just wanted to lose it! I didn’t have a problem with getting naked in front of a female stranger. Problem was…I was and STILL AM a goddamn PUSSY when it comes to talking to women. I’m confident enough to get naked in front of a woman without giving a shit about what she says or thinks. However, talking to a woman in a social situation, even casually, is a bigger mindfuck to me than quantum physics. I’m just so socially inept, isolated, closed-down and paranoid that I simply can’t bring myself to talk to a woman in a friendly manner. For some reason, I always perceived them differently from other people, as if…they’re spies or something. And when I do talk to a woman, it’s usually because I have to — getting things done or a task accomplished. And so, getting a woman to have sex with me was the million-dollar question. How did I do it?

Well, like any ridiculously horny and desperate 18 year old would do, I went on craigslist and found a fat chick who was behind on her rent. I offered her some money, and she agreed. I went over to her place not knowing shit about how to have sex. The only things I did know was from all the porn I’ve seen up until that point…

Before I went inside of her, I overdid it on the foreplay. I mean, really over did it. This was, after all, my first time, so I wanted to make sure that I did (or tried to do) everything right. I kissed her, made out with her, sucked her tits, fingered her, ate her out; pretty much all the things you’re supposed to do before you fuck. And when she was ready, she put the condom on and in I went. I just pounded away without knowing anything about control or rhythm. I didn’t last longer than 4 minutes.

But I wasn’t done yet!

This was my first time, and I didn’t want to go out like that. She was understanding in knowing that this was my first time and I wasn’t going to last long, but I was so disappointed in her not making much of a reaction when my dick was inside of her that decided I was going to go for another round. But before I went up in that again, I needed time to recover. And while I did, I decided to go for the foreplay again.

So when I was ready, I put on another condom and just started plowing away, again without thinking about how to control myself. But since this was my second nut, I didn’t feel like I was anywhere near nutting anytime soon. So I just plowed away….ruthlessly. A few minutes in, I started to see that the lower half of her stomach was getting lower and lower, and her pussy was starting to get tighter. Before you know it, her body squirmed like…well, I don’t know how to explain it, but after that violent jerk she did, she told me to stop and embraced me.

There I was, a skinny fellow on a bed, in the clutches of a woman as big as a whale. Not knowing until later that I had managed to give a woman an orgasm with my 4.3 in. girth dick, on my first time…

Hope my story helps…

START (05/2010): 6.7 in. BPEL, 4.3 in. MSEG // LAST (12/2014): 7.3 in. BPEL, 4.5 in. MSEG // SHORT-TERM GOAL: 7.5 in. BPEL, 5.0 in. MSEG

1 for outstanding support

I’m right there with you brother and can identify with literally every aspect of your post. I, like you, am highly critical of self and can take harsh “realities” to the furthest extreme. However, those things that presently seem like permanent realities can be changed. I believe that. Just look at all the people on this forum who have had such life changing experiences!

And look at the truly EPIC response of support you’ve gotten! Take all of this and let yourself get inspired to: First and Foremost- be a bit more objective and try not be so very hard on yourself(trust me I know this can feel almost impossible at times) and Second- be studied and consistent in PE.

Now I’m going to go do the same.

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