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4 months of or with no results :

4 months of or with no results :

I have been on the newbie routine. For the first month I warmed up for 10 minutes(using a rice sock), then I would stretch for 5 minutes (penis straight down, some side to side) then I would jelq for 10-15 minutes, and warm down with a rice sock for ten minutes. After the first month I warmed up for 10 minutes(using a rice sock), then I would stretch for 9-10 minutes (penis straight down, some side to side) then I would jelq for 22-25 mins, then I warm down with a rice sock for 10 mins. It’s been about 4 months since I started and my penis has not increased in erect girth or length one bit.. I may have gained a little bit of length and girth in my flaccid state, and my penis has more veins being shown now. But that’s it as far as me having any progress. So someone please shed light on my problem. My current size is L5.5” by W4.5” and my goal size is L7.5”

By W6”. I have also been thinking about enlargement surgery but not sure who to talk to about that, would be great to hear back on that as well.

4 months and no results is disheartening but should not put you off yet, try and keep the enlargement surgery at bay for the time being.

4 months is also a decent time for you to have gotten to grips with jelqing, stretching, and your penis in general. I would say you should up your game! Increase the intensity of your workouts by delving into more advanced techniques.

Try your hand at hanging, clamping or some intense squeezing and squashing. There are some very interesting exercises on this forum. Take a look at some of the BIG BIG gainers’ progress logs, make a note of the ‘miracle exercises’ they claim changed their dick/life forever haha. Then research the ‘miracle exercises’ in question, pick one or two and get moving.

Up your game my friend, up your game ;)

16.07.2011: Bpel 6.7" Eg 4.9" Fl 4.3"

08.05.2012: Bpel 7.2" Eg 5.1" Fl 5.8"

Yeah you’d be a fool to stop now, I’d it takes years to actually notice a big difference. It everyone is different, I haven’t smoked in two months now and I get cravings here and there, plus my body still doesn’t feel 100% when I workout and my lungs are still healing. My doctor said it will probably be around five months before my body goes back to normal. It’s a huge commitment dude, just like with PE, at the end of the day you’re doing it for yourself and your overall well being. You’ll regret stopping trust me, I could be doing alot more but work and plans I make hold me back dude, but I mean really what’s 15-30 min a day?

Surgery is dangerous and really expensive and if your standing at 5’5 now then you won’t be hitting 7’5 after surgery. Stay motivated and keep at it dude!

Start date: 11/10/03 BPEL: 5.8 (5 13/16) EG:5.3 (5 6/16)

Current: 12/06/07 BPEL: 6.25 (6 4/16) EG: 5.50 (5 8/16)

Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.75 - Numero Uno Papi Chulo

I wouldn’t get surgery man. I’ve heard some bad things about that, PE is so much safer

What % do you jelq at and how is your erection quality? Are you healthy in other regards? (Plenty of sleep and water, healthy diet, etc..)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

About 50-70%, I jelq 2 days on with one off. I get plenty of sleep and am in great health. My erection is still hard, I’m not sure if they have gotten any firmer though (seems tough to tell)..

I know surgery won’t do much for length, but it is said that you can gain up to 3 inches in girth? That sounds like an increase I would be interested in. Not sure what the success rate is nor the satisfactory rate. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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