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4 Months Of Jelqing Looking For Some Advice

4 Months Of Jelqing Looking For Some Advice

Okay so I’m new to the thread thingy, anyways I’ve found some information on jelqing and clamping but none seemed to answer the questions that I’ve had. I’ve been meowing off and on for a year, but I’ve been doing my workout for four months in a row now and have seen pretty good results in length. I want some more girth so I figured clamping might be a start. But I’ve also thought about manually restoring my foreskin.. So my questions are as fallowed:

1. Does clamping stop any jelq gains all together, or does it slow them down?
2. Do you think if I manually stretch my skin back over my glands that I’d have a lose of gains or wouldn’t receive anymore gains?

Like I said I’m new here to those website, so I’m sure I’m breaking a rule or two. I’d be more than happy to read any links anyone sends me or posts on my clamping question. As far as the foreskin thing I’ve looked all over the web including here and haven’t found any information.

Thanks for everyone’s time.

The answer to both of your questions is no. As for you wanting to seek more girth you can find that information by using the search bar. There is a wealth of information on clamping and girth exercises you can do. Good luck with your PE career. :-)

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Question 1: I don’t clamp so I can’t answer that.

Question 2: stretching your foreskin will not affect gains one way or the other.

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Thanks for all the information guy’s, I really appreciate it

Not sure why you would think that clamping might interfere with jelq gains. As long as the technique is on the up and up, the main confusion I see after reading here on TP is people doing too many exercises and not exactly knowing what it was that got the initial gains in the first place.

Bfwc, I am responding here because you and I are both four months into our PE. For the time being I am going to stick to my heat/stretch/jelq routine until I feel that I have truly stalled in my gains. I definitely want to clamp as well, but I don’t feel that I have perfected my jelqing yet. And frankly, although my dick has undergone a solid conditioning, I don’t want to rush into clamping until I feel like an expert jelqer.

As far as Foreskin Restoration is concerned, I did six months of daily restoration with a TLC Tugger. Everyday. I really liked the whole process. I only did daytime, no night at all. I tugged anywhere from 8-14 hrs a day and I got a solid 1/2 inch of extra foreskin from it. Although now I can tell that jelqing is adding a bit more as well.

My guess is that for some guys with a tight circumcision the extra restored foreskin could actually HELP the dick expand a little easier during the PE growth process. I know that Tntjockey, a much revered and successful PE’er here at TP feels that way (I don’t want to wrongly characterize his position, though). At any rate, I did not want to do tugging AND PE at the same time, but I think sometime soon I will begin tugging again and doing my PE either before or after my daily foreskin restoration.

Let’s stay on the ball and be smart PE’ers!

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You should add squeezes before considering clamping, Uli’s and Horse squeezes are great. You can increase their duration over time .

What erection level do you jelq at?

Originally Posted by Walter5169
You should add squeezes before considering clamping, Uli’s and Horse squeezes are great. You can increase their duration over time .
What erection level do you jelq at?

Agree. Squeezes before clamping. You need a very conditioned penis for clamping.

Originally Posted by G263
Be careful with horse squeezes. They are very dangerous. As always, make sure you have fully completed the newbie routine before considering advanced exercises such as ulis and other squeezes.

I agree with this one too.

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