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4 months no gains

4 months no gains

I’ve been pe’ing for four months now. I’ve yet to see not a single cm of a gain. I do 10 min of stretch and 15 min jelqing doing this all in the shower. I’ve been going 2 days on 1 day off since january and havent skipped not one day. I constantly read about ppl who have gained tremendously in only a couple months. SO CAN ANY1 HELP?? Itll be greatly appreciated!

First off, how long are your jelq strokes? They should be at least 3 seconds. Second, do you warm up before and after a PE session? Most importantly everyone is different. You need to listen to your body. Maybe you should up the jelqing to 20-25 minutes and do 3 days on and 1 day off.

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Chances are you are using too much intensity.

My guess is you should take two weeks off, than restart, changing a bit the exercises. In example, instead than stretching you could do flaccid dry jelqs. Build up intensity slowly; about frequence, start with a 2 on/1 off, than after two weeks go on a 3 on/1 off, and after another 4 weeks a 5 on/2 off.

Marinera; as we speak. I’m still on 2 on 1 off after 4 months and I still believe I’m gaining. Any point for me picking up the pace, as in increasing the “on” days? Any chance of faster gaining?

I think if one is gaining, he shouldn’t change anything. You could have more gains, but you could also have less or no gains. Why risking? Generally speaking, overwork is worse than underwork.

Ok, thanks - I’ll stick with that.

Zap51 thanks 4 posting. My strokes are around 2-3 seconds and I do a cool down when I’m done. Should I just increase the jelqing minutes and incorporate advanced exercises? I try to keep it under a half-hour because of football practice

Make sure you are doing all the exercises correctly. I believe form is one of the most important things in PE.

I think the following:

If you are doing all the exercises correctly;
Still got the same routine as when you started;
Don’t see any negative PE’s;

Then you should think of upping your routine. The human body adepts quickly to different circumstances, and this might be the time for you to get a more intens routine.
But don’t just start with a very intents routine, take a basic routine and intensify it weekly. And then (I hope) you will see changes =)

Good luck mate!


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Have you been monitoring your PIs during these 4 months? Negative PIs imply overwork (you are doing too much or using too much intensity).
Did you get improved EQ?

Not including a warm up in your routine is a bad idea and might be part of the reason you haven’t gained.

Originally Posted by marinera

Chances are you are using too much intensity.

The oposite could also be possible. If you are not hitting the needed stress boundary, your PE is just a kind of masturbation. What I mean is the intensity of stretching and jelqing as a matter of force involved, not the frequency of repetitions. If you think it might be your case, please be cautious with increasing the level of stress, just keep it in the comfort zone!

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