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4 months-no gains


4 months-no gains

Ok I started PEing in November, maybe even September 08. Up until Christmas I was doing the newbie routine, somewhat sporadically with intermittent smoking on rest days. I mean If I did the routine I would do it all to the letter, just that some times there would be 2 even 3 rest days in between.

I took a break over Christmas and new years which ran a bit longer than expected, stopped around 20th Dec started again in early Jan. Since then I’ve been perhaps less consistent but very determined and have pretty much given up smoking. Jelq sessions can last 20 mins to an hour if I’ve got the time. I’ve been trying out all kinds of things-mainly girth orientated, since I reckon the tunica is the problem based on TGC theory (erections are great unless I know I over did it that day).

My routine of the last month has been stretches of about 10 minutes usually just tunica tugs and V-stretches(recently incorporated) and O-bends-which I find are really easy to over do. Then jelqing minimum of 10 minutes sometimes 40 although I always try to stop If my dick feels a bit knackered, achy that sort of thing. Ill throw random ulis into the jelqing and sort of manual clamping where I clamp with a hand at the base and just try to get as much blood as possible into my penis and expand it as much as possible.

The jelq grip I mainly use is with my palm facing down, my pinky furthest away from me-I form a upside down U with my thumb and index finger. This is the only grip I can use where it feels like I’m getting any sort of expansion. My dick feels incredibly hard, the ok grip gives me no expansion and If I press harder I feel pain in the glans when I get about half way up my shaft.

My apologies if this seems a bit wordy I’m just trying to be specific about everything I’ve done.

My PIs are great, bigger; longer most days fuller flaccid hang. Good EQ no aches or pains. My erections are veinier, they feel heavier they even look thicker.

But the tape measure doesn’t lie and it says the same 4.3-4.4 I had 4 months ago, 4.5 if I clamp the base with my hard and kegel as much as possible. Which is coincidently about as much expansion as I’ve even been able to achieve as far as I know. I think I may even have measured length wrong as well. Previously I got 7BPEL but if I measure exactly to the side of my penis its more like 6.5BPEL, which sucks but seems frankly more realistic so there we go.

So thanks for taking the time to read through this. Where do I go from here really? I tried allsorts, and gained nothing.

It is too wordy.. I didn’t get your current routine.

I would cut the breaks out of your routine and PE every day.

PE is a thing you HAVE to be consistent with. Have you done it consistently these last 4 months? Give some more details on the routine.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

The routine is pretty much 2on 1 off. modified newbie routine. instead of 10 mins stretching in all directions Ill do tunica tugs and v-stretches. Then 10 mins of jelqing. I’m mainly aiming for girth. Also warm up and warm down.

Some days Ill be really enthusiastic and do 40 mins of jelqing instead of 10 though. I often do ULI’s during the jelq time.

You need to stay consistent and focused. Some people can PE 2 days a week and see results, but for most of us, we need the dedication to see results.

But sometimes you PE because you know you should, but it feels like your not getting anything out of it you know. I mean I have pretty much been PEing every 2 days with a 1 break after.
Its more the routine times and schedules that haven’t been all that consistent.

I get bored or disillusioned quite easily have a bit of a hard time concentrating. So I mix it up.

But regardless of schedules how can someone not gain from 4 months of PE?.

Try stretches every single day. Use more force. If your penis hasn’t changed then you must not be putting enough stress on it. Look into a Bib hanger you wont regret it.

Once you start seeing gains it is much easier to take things seriously and not get bored.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Ok Ill get onto that bluray, any Ideas for girth?

Ideally I’d like to be 7.5x5.5 although short term Id settle for 7.5

I really dont want to go beyond 7.5 length

Ive got a mate whos 8in and I dont look like a length guy. Im big boned but roughly 15-20percent body fat.

Originally Posted by bluray
Try stretches every single day. Use more force. If your penis hasn’t changed then you must not be putting enough stress on it. Look into a Bib hanger you won’t regret it.

Once you start seeing gains it is much easier to take things seriously and not get bored.

Yup. Stretches should definitely be done every day. They are not detrimental and rarely seem to cause negative PIs if they are done correctly

That’s good to know man it would at least makes me feel more consistent to do something every day, I’m just really really keen to get some girth.

I suggest you get into squeezes and bends. You can do em without a warmup, they’re easy, and most importantly you gain a lot :)

From 6.3 to 8 inches in 9 months - Comparison Pics

Start: May 08. BPEL 6.3 EG 4.9

Now: Feb 09. BPEL 8.2 EG 6

I haven’t got any experience in massive girth gains yet so I don’t exactly know what to recommend. I believe in length before girth but after I get my goal length I am going to try clamping.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Green Light put your stats in your signature, it really helps with motivation.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

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