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4 months into PE: stopped growing, need advice.

4 months into PE: stopped growing, need advice.

All gains I made were in fist month of my true pe routine,later on I noticed I’m not making any gains.

My routine was something like this:warm up plus manual stretch for 10 mins under shower

150 wet jelqs with ulis,horse in between.

I’ve noticed quite different things than most guys here are experiencing for example when manual stretching I get discoloration on tip of my penis and that area around frenulum gets big and swollen.

Second thing I noticed when jelqing that I don’t get almost to none head expansion when doing them at any erection,only if I let’s say kegel/pump for few seconds with hard grip and try to jelq,tho that feels more like uli than jelq,and shaft of my penis feel quite hard,its impossible to do high erection jelqs as I just slide my fingers when trying to do them due to extreme hard shaft,same as for low jelqs but let’s say when I do them about 40% I can feel little bit of expansion but no feel of my dick being worked out,done all possible grip hardness.

Thnx for reading it all :-) .was thinking about stoping for month then doing it again but don’t know how will it work?

Bump getting desperate on what to do.

You’ve had a typical beginner experience of getting rapid gains, followed up by an equally rapid cessation. Now begins the test of your determination and persistence.

What I think happens is that newbie gains are really elastic deformation of one of the collagen components (elastin). If you maintain that distended state long enough, you may see a conversion to permanent gains.

So what happens next? Apparently the work now goes into attacking the non-elastic collagen structure, the bulk of your tunica tissue. This is seriously tough stuff. However, the long term gains of the most persistent and successful guys suggests that a gradual elongation of the tough tunica is definitely possible. It just happens frustratingly slow.

Now you have to re-evaluate your workout strategy. Sounds to me like you incorporated advanced techniques (ULIs + horses) during your newbie phase—not a good idea, but you seem to have survived. One option that has helped others is to take a ‘deconditioning’ break of one or more weeks free of any PE. The hypothesis is that the penis becomes more responsive to PE work after these breaks. Some believe the penis becomes tougher and more resistant to elongation by virtue of the PE work itself. It’s also thought that more intensive workouts just accelerate the process. So comes the advice to do the least intense workout that yields gains. But like everything in PE, these are suppositions.

The usual option is to plan a modification to your routine. That could include more time jelqing and stretching, or upping the intensity of one or both (done very carefully). Or it could mean incorporating new kinds of stretches to try and target the tunic in different ways. What about trying more liberal warm-ups? Some guys swear that worked for them.

The important thing to remember is that everyone doing PE responds differently, so you have to have the patience to do your own experimenting. Set aside the desperation and learn to be more mellow about doing PE. This is a long haul thing at best. You sometimes don’t see measurable gains on a particular routine for multiple months, so a new effort can take that long to evaluate. Patience is everything.

Calfaddict I just couldn’t wish for better answer than this,thanks alot.

I will take deconditioning break for a week or so.

I incorporated ulis and horse on my 4th month.

What are those liberal warm ups?

I can squeeze as much as I like when doing jelq and still I won’t feel any pressure ,only way I can do jelqs is to kegel with each stroke but still I don’t feel enough expansion .Do you have any advice how to fix that or what am I doing wrong?.

And again thanks alot for taking time to answer me

Glad to hear that you waited long enough to add the ULIs and horses—smart move.

By ‘more liberal warm-ups’ I simply mean adding more time to the warm-up itself. If you were doing it for 5 minutes before, how about 10, 15, or even 20 minutes just for the warm-up? You want your dick to feel like it’s radiating heat when you wrap your hand around it to start a stretch or jelqing. Obviously, this does not mean applying heat at a level you can barely tolerate—common sense rules, as always. But make your heat source good and warm (+100 degrees F). Physical therapists will use professional grade equipment (ultrasonic tool, for example) to generate heating to about 104-114 degrees (not certain of upper limit they use) in connective tissues they are trying to stretch for increased joint mobility. Research has demonstrated that the collagenous tissues yield more to applied force at those elevated temps. Whether or not we can get heat at that level into the tunica is debatable, but those of us incorporating warm-ups try to make it happen. I use an adjustable heat pad, set it to a comfortable, yet distinctly hottish feel. No pain from the heating is tolerated. I let my cock skin and glans lead the way here. I’ll have my Kindle out and read for 15 to 20 minutes and let the warm-up do its thing.

If you aren’t feeling any pressure ahead of your grip, then it sounds like you aren’t engorged enough for a good jelq session. Jelqing works by using a good volume of blood, which is essentially incompressible, to expand the erectile tissues in front of your grip. Your dick should be more than flaccid, but well back from fully erect. Normally you could not even get much of a squeeze onto your full erection. The shaft would feel that hard. So, your dick should be kind of rubbery and pliable at partial erection. You should easily feel a big ‘blob’ of blood expanding the tissues, and with the jelq stroke you keep the tissues under pressure from within as you stroke towards the glans. It is important to keep the grip light enough to allow safe escape of the blood through your grip and back towards your abdomen. You have to experiment to find the grip that best balances the creation of internal pressure, but also allows the necessary escape of the blood backwards. Too tight a grip and/or too fast a stroke can overload the blood vessels enough to cause a burst; they are much more fragile than the tunica. I had this happen with my first go-around in PE—it was not a good experience.

Getting enough blood in for most of us depends on a dose of erotic stimulation, either mental or physical. Probably there are a few guys who’ve are in shape enough to do it just from kegeling, but not me. Wet jelqing usually provides plenty of stimulation all by itself once you are stroking over the inner foreskin and glans. The trick is to stay back from a full hard-on. With practice it gets easier.

Again thanks alot,will keep all this in mind.Taking a week or so break and going to buy heat pad.

See you in month or so with hopefully new gains :)

Im curious, how much did you gain?

About 1 Cm in first month,then it stoped growing,was doing 2 day on 1 day off routine.

From 5,5 Bpel to 5.9 or so. Tho its hard to tell I’m kinda measurement shy :) tho my gf says its bigger and that I started to bottom and hurt sometimes on some positions if I go balls deep on her.

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