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4 months in

4 months in

Well, 4 months of PEing I gained a 1 inch the length and 0.5 inch girth. I am now 6.25 x 5.0. I am officially with in the average size range. My wife can have both of her hands rapped my unit, one on top of the other, with the entire head sticking above her top hand. Before PE, both of her hands would covered the entire shaft and head.

My gains slowed down in the last month so I changed my newbie routine from 3 on/1 off to 5 on/ 2 off.

Also, I read a post 2 a couple months ago about using a desktop to aid in the manual stretches. So I took the idea and applied it by using the bed’s foot board bedpost to anchor my hand when doing manual stretches in the side and straight out positions. I would lock the bottom edge of my hand on the edge of the foot board bedpost and use my body’s weight to apply the pulling force. I only pull with my arms in the down or up directions. I am able to generate a much larger pulling force with this method then relying just on my arms. I going to buy a fish scale at the local hardware store and measure the force, in lbs, when doing this method.

Here is something I learned. Do not have you SO help during PEing. I do my PE right before the wife comes home from school. This arrangement was agreed on so I can have my privacy. She was to call me if she comes home early. Well, she is home early, no phone call, and she comes into the bedroom, right in the middle of my first clamping episode and started suck in my dick. Before I could say something, I blew my wad in full clamping mode. I told her “Never do that again, you could have blown my dick up”. So, I am telling you now, do not have the SO help during PE, you may blow up your dick.

One last thing and then I will shut up. I was at the gym waiting to use a press machine and noticed the guy using it had a huge package. I was floored to see this guy here, in public, with a huge package for everyone to see. He was about 5 ft 4in in height, 35-40 years of age, and in pretty good shape. The guy had on those tight runner’s shorts that are split up on the sides. This guy had huge girth and length. After I picked up my jaw off the floor, I noticed everyone in the gym just staring at him. He got up from the machine a walked across the room and everyone, guys and gals, just stared a him. You can’t tell me that size does not matter. At least 40 people, myself included, in the gym was either envious or desiring his dick.

"Blown up my dick”.tooo funny, be careful dude

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