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4 month progress

4 month progress

More than anything, I’m posting this for those of whom don’t fully believe or discredit PE like I used to. Which is fully understandable when you consider there isn’t much mainstream information concerning the improvement of the health of your penis At least I couldn’t anyway, even after consulting with 4 different urologists (for other complications) and several GP’s.

When I first joined I called myself 7x5bloke because this was essentially my goal. My measurements at the time were 7”EL x 4.5”, though my erect length was at a real squeeze and was more like 6-6.5” during intercourse.

After 4 months my erect length is consistently over 7” (18-19cm) NBPEL and 5” in girth. Bone pressed I’m just under 8” (19.7cm) though I’ve never really considered that length. Flaccid length ranges between 4 to 5” and flaccid girth around 4”. Flaccid girth has been one of the most enjoyable improvements, those who have noticed this themselves will know what I mean!
Sensitivity has also increased which is something that has shocked me somewhat as I’ve never before had this along the shaft. Needless to say my sex life has changed dramatically as a result as well as my general outlook on life.
My routine is far from what you’d call a routine really. Some weeks I might do stretchs and Jelqing 2-3 days in a row with a day rest (only an absolute maximum of 30 mins a day), other weeks 1 day on, 1 day off. I clamp occasionally, usually only 3 sets at the end of my routine for 3-4 minutes and lightly erect jelq to increase pressure.
I do notice I get red-spots quite often however this is usually if I haven’t warmed up enough. These seem to subside after a day so is not a hassle. I haven’t suffered any discolouration yet besides these temporary red-spots.

I know it’s unfortunately not the case with everyone, but it shows that non intensive (hanging, pumping etc) PE DOES in fact work and not only that, can result in significant physical and mental improvements. I intend on continuing the same routine I have now as obviously it works and so far I’ve been injury free in doing so.

Thanks once again to everyone, newbies and experienced for the wealth of information on this site, for the massive impact you’ve had on my life.

Well since there have been 20 views and no comments let me go ahead and say…. nice gains! However, we are going to need a story to go along with your dramatically changed sex life. = )

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

Great gains and nice to hear about them. I am also a believer :)

Thanks for the inspiration

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