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4-month PE checkup, and a jelq technique

4-month PE checkup, and a jelq variation

I’ve entered my progress stats in my signature. The beginning stats are dubious because I had been incapable of solid erections for many months prior. I attribute that to the progress of middle age, but much more so to an inguinal hernia surgery complication. I realize this may be causing my stats to be on the high-gain side. But when we start, we do so with what we have.

I had actually done a BPEL measurement more than two decades ago, and it was right at 7” as I recall. Funny how atrophy can sneak up on you like that. I’m still not back 100% solid 100% of the time, but much better now, TYVM. Removing discoloration from the surgical complication, and improving my EQ, were the primary reasons I began PE. I’ve seen much success and continue to improve in those areas.

Although I entered this PE thing for reasons atypical to many here, I admit to being intrigued, even hooked, by the prospect of further enlargement. I also happen to have a very supportive wife, and she hasn’t complained even once ;) .

A couple of months ago, I think she was kind of patronizing me by agreeing with me about my first measurable enlargements. This weekend left no doubts in her mind.. “It’s really a lot bigger.. Not that you weren’t the perfect size before”. Then she started to worry that she might have hurt my feelings about the size I used to be.

When you’re lady starts talking that way, make no mistake my friends, it’s definitely working.

So ok, I admit I’m hooked (so is she, but she’s not going to admit it). I consider my newbie probation period over, so now I’m working on my journeyman’s license. In recent weeks, the enlargement seemed to have come to a halt with the newbie routine. I’ve experimented with some other techniques, but I ended up working out a jelq-pump hybrid variation that has kick-started the girth gains again. Others may already do this and/or have maybe even named it. But I’ll explain anyways.

DISCLAIMER: I consider this to be an advanced exercise, NOT FOR NEWBIES.

While standing with a 70%-80% erection, position the right hand for an overhand stroke. Do so by placing the index finger down the bulb of the shaft’s underside where you begin to encounter the scrotum. The web between the thumb and index finger is nearly bone-pressed to the pubic bone. Begin the right hand stroke with normal pressure, but move just far enough to snugly slip your left hand into this same overhand position behind the right hand. Momentarily stop the stroke here, quickly loosen both grips, give it one good kegel, snugly clamp that kegel in your shaft with your left hand, and resume the right overhand stroke with your normal pressure. (If the hands were placed correctly, the feel in your left index finger should have been pretty impressive when you felt that kegel pump through your shaft). As you continue the right overhand stroke, gradually and uniformly increase the left-hand clamping pressure as you continue to the normal glans stopping point. About five seconds should have elapsed up to this point.

After the right hand has reached this stopping point, again momentarily release the left hand, pump another kegel as you then loosen the right hand. Once the fresh kegel has made it into the shaft, immediately and firmly clamp the left hand again, then gently increase the right-hand pressure. Maintain this pumped state for the time period of your choice, but I’m only doing between 2-3 seconds maximum for now. It is a very, very pumped-up state, so respect it accordingly. In this pumped state, I will sometimes give a couple of momentary and simultaneous squeezes with both hands to “flex” the shaft thickness. Just a little extra pressure goes a very long way here! Be cautious!

From this point, you will begin the second stroke by releasing the right hand, slipping it behind the left hand in the same manner that you started the first stroke.

I do this with a great deal of care and constant visual and sensory monitoring. Any sign of pain whatsoever would mean you’ve gone way too far. Be moderate, and don’t even think about trying to find that threshold of pain. I haven’t, and I won’t. Be sensible: let time and repetition do the work for you.

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.” Yogi Berra

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I have read similar jelqing technique like this. Two-handed jelqing for girth. When doing at 70-80% + left hand clenching at the base produce a very strong blood constriction and engorgement of mid-upper shaft and glans.

I would say that this jelqing is more for girth work and may glans.

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Originally Posted by groovetube

When you’re lady starts talking that way, make no mistake my friends, it’s definitely working.

Exactly, same reaction here. My lady said complimentary statements after both Fridays love making sessions and again on Saturday night.

Of course, we are going to notice, it our dick. And I have been looking at mine for 40+ years, but for your partner to notice, it is everything, at least for me.

And for me, its not the size so much, its the increased EG. My erections are like they were 20 years ago.

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