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Looks like he only made 2 posts ever, so…yeah, I’m guessing he gave up too.

Originally Posted by James00
Looks like he only made 2 posts ever, so…yeah, I’m guessing he gave up too.

Or… Maybe some day he’ll make a comeback with a crazy 9x7 dick!
Or not.
Still, was fun reading his post. Nice attitude, even if it didn’t last.

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.


Did he The Nailer ever make it?

If he didnt, I bet when he returns here, he will think to himself: Fuck, wonder how much could I have gained if I actually stuck to the routine?

Power Stamina and Size. Your right to obtain all 3 in a well balance will give you an amazing sex life. I believe it is possible to gain that much. You must learn to understand your penis though. What I mean by this is understanding what works and what does not. I find watching my erection quality determines my pe work. When I have easy 99% hard erections once or twice a day I find my penis is in a bigger state. Also when I over strain I tend to be smaller which is bad. I belive pe is just like lifting weights. Over training is bad and not helpful for the penis. Remember your unit has it’s own personality and therefore needs to be treated uniquley experiment wid alot and find otu what works 4 you. GOOD LUCK

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GainerGuy are you the original poster?


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