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4 days and counting...

4 days and counting...

Ah well, here I am making a post. A proud day to come out to the world of PE’ers and say “I’m one too.” (And I’m doing my best to actually capitalize in all the right places.)

First off: Hello!

Secondly: Thanks to the many of you who have shared here. I’ve taken advantage of my time off this holiday and have been reading these boards like crazy. I’ve learned a lot and feel very inspired, which is saying a lot considering I’ve been looking into PE on and off for a year and a half. I finally have a routine! (hot wrap, 5 min stretch, hot wrap, 10 min jelq, hot wrap, kegels. i’m planning on increasing times 1 minute per week, and am working 2 days on, 1 day off, 3 on, 1 off, etc - 5 days/wk.)

Thirdly: I’m wondering about various ways you all keep motivated. It seems the message boards are critical. But also, I’m wondering if a couple other newbies want to be in touch via email - I think it would be helpful to have some new friends to talk about it all with, especially in the weeks/months ahead when the honeymoon period of excitement wears off. Just know I’m hip to something like that should you also find that helpful.

So this is it for Post #1. I look forward to many more. I see myself doing this for 1-2 years. I have modest goals, but perhaps, when I have that “Oh my god, this really DOES work” moment that I’ve read so many of you having, perhaps then things will change.



Hi EZduzzit,

Hello back at you. Good to see you here.

Looks like a good routine.

If you want motivation, this board is not just about technique but about helping people keep motivated. Once you start to gain you will probably find thats motivation enough :)

I keep motivated by reading Mem’s posts. Suggest you do the same. Even though I like reading Mem, as you can see, there is a wealth of knowledge residing on this board. Dig in.

…and welcome.

BTW, Diamondwinds (I call her Peaches) forum is a good place to play after a good workout.

Have fun, go slow…look forward to hearing from you soon.


be back soon

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