33 days newbie routine

Started newbie routine @ may 16Th

BPEL 6-1/2” meg 5-1/2” BPFSL 6-7/8”

June 12Th BPEL 6-7/8” meg 5-1/2”

June 18Th BPEL 7” meg 5-1/2” BPFSL 7-1/2”

I’m addicted to PE and I love my days off that’s when I see the gains,

I do the newbie, stretch, wet jelq, I do dry jelling also, but a modified version. I use a one handed overhand dry jelq, but hold the blood in by pressing my PC muscle. This way it causes no drag, I have no choice because many times I’m at work and keeping it from my wife.