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30lbs lighter to get a bigger penis

30lbs lighter to get a bigger penis

Is there any credence to the belief that losing 30lbs can effectively reveal and inch of penis length ? If so that would be fantastic. I have at least 30lbs to lose, and I can always use an extra inch :)

If can reveal some length but everyone is different. You might gain some length and you might not. Just try and see :)

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Well, it’s not really gaining, but more showing. If you have a big fat pad, losing some weight will make the fat pad thinner, so a bit more of your penis will show.

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I know when I was thin, mine looked much bigger in comarison to my stature than it does now. You put a 6” on 5’9” 125lb guy with 19” thighs, it looks large. If you put that on a 205lb guy between 28” thighs, it looks small! My pubic pad is only about 1/2”, but it still appears smaller, even now that it’s physically larger, than it did when I had the 29” waist! The way I look at that is, everyone sees my musculature, so I would rather it look as good as possible. Very few people see my penis, so I can work on it in the mean time.

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If you need to lose 30lbs, then lose 30lbs and view the extra show of the penis as a bonus.

What can I say though… I need to lose 30lbs as well to get down to my ideal weight. Mind you the kick in my ass was the bonuses of penile health from cardio and diet. I have really been getting into a weights routine over the last couple of weeks too. But skinnier torso would make it seem bigger… even more impetus!

Damn I need to loose like 30-35Kg, I swear I’m almost at 2.25 inch fat pad. I bet I could reveal an extra couple of inches by weight loss. But I’ve started exercising a lot, like 5-6 times a week usually for an hour at a time. Plus I’m still PEing, so I should hopefully have a fully functional 8” - 8.25” BPEL and maybe something like 7.75” - 8” NBPEL by the time I reach my weight goal.

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This time last year I lost 30 plus pounds and my dick never looked or felt bigger, but I put most back on due to a busy life schedule and no time for the gym. I hope to start again soon like today but as I was getting dressed to go the phone rang and it was something I had to take care of “sigh”

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C’mon you old farts! Get in the gym! ;) Don’t make me come over there!

Dino9x7 - when you lost your 30lb, did EQ come up and flaciid hang was improved?

I lost 55 LB last year, but gained 30 back. When I lost the weight I felt great. If you haven’t trained in a while, it is possible
To get stronger while your taking off the weight. So for me, it felt really good to unload 55LB of weight and get stronger
At the exact same time.

After losing around 25LB, I noticed that females where starting to do a double take on me. When I was heavier, that
Type of attention had gone away. At 55LB lost, I did feel like I was “back in the game”.

I’m working on getting that weight plus some extra off, and getting lifestyle to the point where it stays gone.

Everytime I carry alot of extra weight I forget about two things:

1. Lose a good deal of flab, you will expose “hidden penis” under the fat pad. For some of us, thats an inch or even more visible and useable.
2. Lose a great deal of flab, confidence will come up, and females percieve you in a better way automatically ( the eyes don’t lie ).
It will reflect back into you for even a more solid base of confidence.
3. Lose a good deal of flab, and get into cardio and strength shape, erection strength improves it just seems to so you do get
A bit more out of it than uncovering penis from the fat pad. In short your erection will be bigger.
4. With the improved feelings of worth, your flaciid will be better on avg
5. Lose a good deal of flab, and improve cardio health, blood flow will be improved, even “down there”

It’s a win-win situation.

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