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30 Days of PE

30 Days of PE

After thirty days of PE I have gained a half inch in length. During the thirty days I gained in girth to the eye but in the last week girth size went back to normal. I have been doing something I call a jelqstretch, I just perform a dry jelq but when I get to my circumcision scar I perform a stretch. I feel that I can get a better stretch from this and would like to know what the vets think of this.

(Beginning 1/17/11): 6 3/4" (bpel) 5 1/4" (eg)

(Short Term Goal): 7 1/2"(bpel) 6" (eg) (5/22/11) 7"(bpel) 5 1/4" (eg)

Hi Just passig thr, half inch in 30 days is good going. When you do the jelqstretch are you only doing it straight out (SO), or do you do it in different directions? Are you also stretching before jelqing? What is your routine like?

It is possible that your gain of half an inch is in most the higher erection quality. Half an inch in a month is a lot. But keep one thing in mind - dry jelqing is more intensive then wet jelqing. So be careful not to exert too much pressure on your head. Sounds like an interesting exercise, though.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

I always think trying anything outside the recommended newbie routine is not good for beginners. It sounds like your jelqstretch is probably fine though. Everyone has their own technique/way to grip and it sounds like yours is working for you. Just be safe and monitor your response to it.

A half inch in a month is a very good result. I would be careful not to increase what you are doing at this point though. Without knowing what your routine is, I would guess it is already aggressive based on that result. Just stay safe and keep going. You should see more gains and cement what you have so far…

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

I’m coming up to a month now and gained probably 1/3 of an inch, I attribute this to a higher EQ though as people have stated above. Got a 4 inch flaccid hang at times, a lot bigger than I used to. Looking forward to the future of PE.

Feb 2012 BPEL = 5.5 inch MSEG= 4.5 inch

Goal = 7x5.5

Half inch in erected state is very very impressive. Just don’t be surprised if growth slows down in future. I think pro’s call it newbie gains. My gains slowed down in last 2 months, so I am now going to intensify my PE and see how it goes.

15/09/2010 Start (NBPEL:18cm or 7.1 in / EG:15.5cm or 6.1in)

14/4/2011 (NBPEL:20cm - 7.9 in / EG:16.5cm - 6.5 in)

GOAL:NBPEL:22cm - 8.7 in/ EG:16.5cm - 6.5 in

you lucky devil you! im hitting my 3rd week on monday and i think io only gained 0.1 inch

Jan 1 2011

Nbpel 4.9 inch. Bpel 5.35 inch

Nbpfl 3 inch

Wow, I wish I had those results.

I’ve been going for about the same amount of time and I don’t really have much to show, seems my EQ has improved a bit and flaccid length is definitely longer and it feels fatter, but nothing has consistently measured bigger.

I only do the stretch straight out or up the lower I go seems to be stretching skin not something I want.

(Beginning 1/17/11): 6 3/4" (bpel) 5 1/4" (eg)

(Short Term Goal): 7 1/2"(bpel) 6" (eg) (5/22/11) 7"(bpel) 5 1/4" (eg)

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