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3 weeks to get results? and wierd thing happend in teen

3 weeks to get results? and wierd thing happend in teen

Hi everybody

First of all id like to say am a newbie here i signed up a while ago but didnt really post much but I read alot. Havent really started a program yet…becuase all this seems to be taking too much time and i find it very difficult to commit more than 3 months to this so I was wondering if anybody got 1inch+ gains in less than 3 months….

i found a site that says they can do it in 3 weeks, but arent all PE exerices the same?

http://www.penisimprovement.con/ <-= this was the site that said 3 weeks….

I forgot to add something, I rember at a point in my teenage life I dunno what I did but for a period of a day or so my penis got bigger like it was infalted or something, it didnt hurt or anything but it was bigger did something like this happen to anybody before?

You might as well stop now if you only have three months and expect something amazing to happen. If you’ve been reading you should already know this.

penisimprovement and other similar sites take your money (in one way or another) and offer nothing in return that you can’t find here for free.

Also, read my sig about posting style.

To sort of echo Westla’s post, there is no Big Dick Fairy.

If you haven’t the time to invest in PE, spend those three months instead improving your mind, or something. Work on your house/apartment. Join a gym?

PE is a long-term commitment.



Ok, thanks for the advice guys.

Its just that whenever I work on something I do it quickly and in a short period of time, let it be gym, redecorating, college work.

But am really willying to try to make the best out of this becuse it certinaly is worth it.

Originally posted by avocet8
there is no Big Dick Fairy.

Now I could have all kinds of one liners for that one :)

Just keeping it fun.

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