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3 weeks in to the newbie routine Results?

3 weeks in to the newbie routine Results?

Well I am now nearly three weeks into my PE career and as I stated before other than a few EQ irregularities all seems to be going well. I have missed maybe two days due to work commitments but have been as consistent as I can manage 2 on 1 off at the moment; I am currently up to 10 mins stretch every direction with V stretch included and also Fowfer 30 secs, 15 min jelque 3/4 second strokes at approx 30/50% erection (much depending on the mood and stimulation) and of course the obligatory warm up and down 5 mins each.

Now as hard a it is to measure (no pun intended) I appear to have gained 2/8” in length now just under 6.5” BPEL and a negligible amount in girth EQ ? I couldn’t say but my EQ is up and down at the moment so who knows. Could this be newbie gains or just a measuring miss-hap. Hopefully it is gains and that would suggest I may be in for a reasonable return if I play my cards right.

Any one in the same boat ?

That’s a good start. Keep going. You’ll find when you get more used to jelqing that keeping a good erection level increases the work. Speaking of increasing the work, be careful of adding too much too quickly. PE is a fight against boredom to the finish and it’s easy to add stuff that doesn’t help just for variety.

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Good job man keep it going ;)

Thank you guys for your support I’ll keep on with the newbie routine for now no major additions just felt a bit more effective to be honest still trying to judge the right erection level so for now I am just starting from flaccid and seeing where it ends up I can feel good movement of blood at the end of the stroke so I think it’s going ok so far

Good, very good.
Saw at this post that you’re using a cup to warm up. Curious to know how’s going with it and If you notice any disconfort at your glans. Are you circumcised?


Originally Posted by star45
And no sorry I am not circumcised


Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

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No discomfort to talk about really once or twice while stretching but I put that down to my grip slight red mark came up on my glans but was gin the next day.. The cup seems to work better for me as I don’t have to change the water as often as I would have to wet a cloth if that makes sense

And no sorry I am not circumcised

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