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3 second jelq from base to glans

3 second jelq from base to glans

Hi there ppl.

Everyone says that every jelq should take 3 seconds from base to the glans. Is it the same for everyone? If the penis is 4 inch long it seems a little to much with 3 seconds and if the penis is 8 inch long maybe it is to little with 3 seconds? Or is it 3 seconds jelqs always? No matter how big/small the length of the penis is?

Just make sure you are jelqing slow and steady. Don’t get too caught up trying to time them, instead find a rhythm that works for you. Not too fast and not too hard, more like long, slow strokes that gently build the pressure inside your penis every stroke.

I hope that helps.

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That’s the best advice you can get IMO.

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mmm, always trying to find what “IMO” means…

IMO = “in my opinion”

I'm a disciple of science.

Rhythm is the key. Once I stopped counting jelqs and instead timed, my technique improved dramatically. You’ll know what we are talking about once you find yourself in the “groove”.

OK guys. Thank you.

I count and time at the same time. I try to make each jelq last as long as possible, and I remember some sessions when I had all the time I needed, I watched the clock and counted jelqs, and apparently my jelqs lasted about 6 seconds each.

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