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3 Question

3 Question


Is warm-up really necessary? After jelqing too if you newb? I mean, look at the newbie routine: Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

It says 5 min warm-up before jelqing, and that’s ok, but it says AFTER jelqing 5 min warm-up again! .So, why? Why I need to warm up again? (Only the newbies) Because I just saw experienced/advanced routines there no needed warm-up after jelqing, just only for newbies. Why is that?

And anyway can’t keep it flaccid while stretching, I always got at least 20% erected lol is that too much? Should I be 100% flaccid? (Impossible for me lol)
And why is kegels in the list? I mean, at least as I know that kegels is not for gain. And that is only in the newbie routine again, is that so necessary too?

Annoying, I know right, but I just really want to know if these things to important or not to do it

Warm up : no, it’s not necessary, but it is highly recommended before and during workouts. After workouts I don’t really see the point personally.

Stretching: stay as flaccid as possible. If that’s 20%, then ok. Try to take small breaks between stretches to let it go down somewhat.

Kegels: are good for urogenital health in general. The healthier the whole area is, the better chance you have at gaining. Beyond that general health benefit, there is PE application in kegeling blood into the penis for girth work, or kegel pulling against a stretch for length work.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Any heat to your penis especially while recovering is a good thing. All it does it help heal broken down tissue. I think everyone should try more heat.

As far as stretching not flaccid, that is fine and perfect. 10% blood flow probably only makes it easier to grasp but then really try to relax your ligaments and muscles at the base of your dick.

If you keep doing PE you’ll realize your erection quality will jump through the roof. Kegels will keep you from cumming fast. Having a dick be the hardest it’s ever been feels really good. It can be easy to cum quickly if we don’t kegel to have more control.

“Kegels will keep you from cumming too fast” , really, how does that work ?

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