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3 months of PE

3 months of PE

Well, I have to admit, I am bigger. I started 8/3/05 using the newbie routine 2 days on and 1 day off.

Starting at EL 5.25 in & EG at 4.25 in
Now at BPEL 6.125 in & EG at 4.88 (almost 5 inches).

I recognize that some of my length gains are do to a much harder erection and I was not pressing the ruler as hard at the beginning. I though I was cheating if I pressed through the fat pad. After researching, I found out I was measuring wrong.

I would love to know how big I can get in the long run. My long term goal (many years down the road) is 8x6, or when I am the optimal size for my wife. I have a long ways to go, so I will doing PE probably for the rest of my life.

Of course potential length varies from man to man, but it’s not unusual for dedicated PEers to add two to three inches. Three being at the far end of possibilities for most. Now we’ve had a few here gain four inches, but that’s very unusual. You have less than two inches length to reach your goal. It should be within the realm of possibility to make it if you slowly advance your time and strokes with Newbie, then perhaps, if you reach a plateau, add hanging or all day traction, etc. Good luck!

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