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3 months and wow

3 months and wow

I started back in November of 07’ with what I call my: finally gonna try it right thing.

I started by just jelqing for the first 6 weeks. At first I would go 5-10 minutes, but I eventually ended up going up to 20 minutes. During this entire time I did not use a warm up or heat afterwards. I also did not do any stretching. During the first 6 weeks I went from 6.875” BPEL to 7.5”!

I definitely was happy, but of course I wanted more. So I started doing a full newbie routine: Heat, stretch, jelq, heat. I did this for about 3 or 4 weeks. My routine was 5 days on then the weekends were off days. I still was feeling that after my two off days that I was in need of some more time off, but I would still continue to move forward with my workouts. Well, with implementing the full newbie routine I managed add another .25” in BPEL to bring my total to 7.75”. The total increase has been .875” in just 3 months, I am very happy.

After hitting the 7.75” mark I got a little busy in my personal life and decided that I should take a break. Two weeks is the amount of time I decided on as a deconditioning time. 2 days ago I began just a stretchinig routine, which I plan on leading back into a full blown newbie routine again tonight. The thing is, when I started to stretch again it looked like I had actually lost some length at first. However, every time I was stretching it was a very string, full stretch that I could feel throughout my penis. This has been by gar the best stretch feeling I have felt since doing PE. Now, after only two days of this stretching routine I can physically see that my length is longer then when I had stopped for a short decon break 2 weeks ago!

I am pretty amazed at this

Anyway, I think my point is (as a newbie) that I have to take this as a learning experience. I have learned three very important lessons here that I had yet to experience for myself: 1.) Do not over work your self. 2.) Liston to your penis and 3.) Deconditioning for a proper amount of time is necessary.

Great post, Reiver. Congratulations on your gains, and keep up the good work! :up:

Yea it’s importan not to overtrain :) .

I managed to grow alot with only a 1 day on 1 day off, so don’t see a reason to train 5 days in a week.

Not updated progress in a long time.

Excellent short post.

Agree with the lst remarks, wonder what’s a proper time off though.

8.5'' here we come!


Time off is as important as time on, IMO. You have to get the rest periods just right, and then - easy does it - you are on a roll.
Good for you.

I am currently doing an insanely low-key PE. 2 days a week only. Mondays and Thursdays. 4 minutes per session. I am planning to post a whole thread on what I discovered just as soon as I get the rest of the data in. To cut a long story short, I read Sparkyx’s PI and EQ threads, and decided, I would go for maximum EQ, and let that be my guide. I got down to 2 minuets of jelqing every day and found it was still too much, in that morning wood started to decline, so I switched to 4 mins. twice a week. Now EQ is perfect. Of course every body is different, but that’s what works for me.


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