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3 months and no gains :(

3 months and no gains :(

Anyone else gone 3 months or more without actual gains?

I’m in this sad position as of now. For more details…iwish6 PE log*

Yes, many have gone three months with no gains. Stick with the routine and stay consistent. Give it time.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

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Iwish6, you shouldn’t worry about it yet because 3 months is still not along time. I would be worried at 8-10 months if I wasn’t gaining. Also, you’re still only doing around 100-150 jelqs, and not that you should rush to do more, but you’ll most likely see some gains when you’re in the 200-250 jelq range. Who knows, maybe you don’t respond well to jelqs and another exercise to complement it will work. I’d say definitely start reading up on pumping, it’s a perfect exercise to work on your girth.

When I did a statistical analysis of the TP database (actually just a part of it) looking for newbie gains, I noticed that some people didn’t gain at all for 6 months, then had a rapid gain to catch up with the average.

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

14 months for me and nothing… ;)

But I just now feel like I’m coming into my own :)

Thats why I like Thunders. You guys are all so supportive. Each bringing there own ideas and sense of movtivation. Thank you all :)

I understand that this is a marathon. I pretty much went into PE thinking “I’ll try this stuff out for 6 months. If this doesn’t work then I’m done and its just not for me.” Well half of that time is gone now. I prob still won’t quit even if I reach 6 months without gains. I’m just too determined and have made too many friends to just leave and say “good bye.”

Alex: yeah I’m doing a little bit of jelqs as of now. I think they feel good and have been producing some good EQ, just no gains. Sparkyx told me to cut whatever amount of jelqs I’m doing in half. He thinks I’m still overworking my guy. I guess its a check to see if I’m a less is more guy.

Gator: I understand your situation and I feel for you. I think all us PEers do, but I know you understand I wouldn’t want to go 13 months without gains. I havn’t dipped my hands into pumping, hanging, or any other exercise other than the newbie. So perhaps if the newbie doesn’t work, hopefully one of the other exercises will.

take care guys.

Why do you think he told you to cut down on the jelqs? How is your post-PE hang? Do you turtle or is your penis plump? How does your unit feel post-work out, stressed and worn out or tingly?

Hey Iwish, i have changed up my exercises to more of a lengthening emphasis. I can tell that my flaccid stretch now reaches 1/2 inch longer than previously. I’ve been at this new routine for about five weeks now. My flaccid hang is also a bit longer, NBPEL has not changed.

hey alex, you can check out my log at iwish6 PE log* sparky has posted on it and it will answer your questions.

hex718: thanks hex, I was wondering if I could get erect gains, but no flacid gains. It seems you’re the other way around. Flacid gains, but no erect gains. Thanks for chiming in.

Saiyan’s thread is inspiring not because of his size. He was born bigger than average but I think too many dwell on his length and ignore how long it took him to get there. His dedication is what blows me away…especially considering his starting size. He has some pretty harsh workouts and it took him 2 years to gain 1”!!

We see posts all the time about people gaining 1” in 3 months or 6 months but realistically 1” in 1 year is remarkable. I would say 1” in 2 years is more realistic. Just keep at it. The ones who don’t see the gains are those who quit are become so infrequent in their routine that it is ineffective. You’ll get there in due time.

Originally Posted by iwish6
Hey alex, you can check out my log at iwish6 PE log* sparky has posted on it and it will answer your questions.

Hex718: thanks hex, I was wondering if I could get erect gains, but no flacid gains. It seems you’re the other way around. Flacid gains, but no erect gains. Thanks for chiming in.

Hey iwish6!!

What is your current routine?

I made rapid gains in the beginning with an irregular newbie routine. Then I got into a plateau by trying to do too many exercises and using equipment. The equipment can be good but just having or using equipment doesn’t equal gains. I’ve recently gained .25 inches in BPFSL and maybe just .1 in EBPL in about 2 months doing the following.

Warm up with an electric heating pad wrapped around my unit for about 7 minutes. Then manual stretching-left right SO, SU, then rotations x 25. Then back to heating pad for a few minutes then back to same stretch. I do this about 3 sets and its probably 15 minutes total stretch constantly reheating. Then I use a vac hanger at about 5 pounds and gently swing front to back for about 10 minutes.Any longer and you can get blisters. Skip this step if you are doing PE less than 6 months! I then wear a silicone sleeve ADS for at least an hour or as long as I can afterwards.

The point is that manualstretching is great and the ADS prevents turtling and also healing stretched and heat makes a big difference. This routine can be shortened to stretching with heat and the ADS. I think the ADS and heat are important.

Good luck!

Yeah, look at post 754 on saiyans page. Those pictures are UNDENIABLE proof that PE works. At one point he measured 8” and now he measures 9”. There’s no way around the picture, your penis doesn’t grow an inch on increase in EQ alone unless you have terrible EQ to begin with. I’m at 4 months and I have seen maybe a quarter of an inch at most, and I’m not even sure if I have gained because of measuring inconsistencies when I first started. I think I wanted to lie to myself and say I was average with a BPEL of 6”, but I may have been less than that. Either way, one thing I know for SURE, is that my flaccid has grown. I used to turtle all the time and hated looking at myself in the mirror. Although I am certainly not hung, when it hangs at 3-4 inches from 2-3 inches, it’s a hell of an improvement.

Be patient and stick with it.

If you have no gains after 6 solid and consistent months of pe then you can think about some sort of change in your routine.

Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

I have not gained anything measurable in 7 months now. I am sticking to PE because it makes me feel good knowing my penis, even though not growing now has better EQ than before PE. I also think that I might have grown some but I gained weight I am now loosing so hopefully when the weight comes off I gained but so far bone pressed nothing in 7 months. I gained an estimated 20 lbs in that time I feel your pain man we will gain eventually sometimes gains creep up on you.

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