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3 inch penis will this work for me.


3 inch penis will this work for me.

Hi everyone I am new here, and it looks a great place to be.

I will get straight to the point I have a 1 and a Half inch penis when soft and 3 inch when hard.

I have looked at a few threads and see that most are a little bit bigger than little old me.

Any thoughts, will this work for me?

Thanks Mal

Welcome mickie!

PE will work as well for you as for the next guy — some would argue it will work better. (The relationship between starting size and gains is controversial.)

Because of your penis’s current length, though, you may be limited in what exercises you can effectively perform. I would suggest beginning with lots and lots of manual stretches to try to give yourself a bit more length to work with, so that you can later incorporate jelqs more effectively. You may also want to look at the Pumpers’ Forum: many guys have made effortless gains via pumping, and there is no minimum size required, since you aren’t handling your penis at all.

I see no reason why PE would not work for you.
I’d even say that it might work better for you than for most people since I’ve noticed that guys with smaller starting size seem to get the best results. Just yesterday I was reading a thread by a guy who started at 4 inches and who is now over 6! That’s 50% increase!

Good luck! Motivation is the key…

Hey there, welcome aboard. I too am fairly new here and to all this, so I can’t really say anything will work but I have faith that it will. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to benefit from PE. If someone with a 5”er can get up to 7” I don’t see why a 3”er can’t get up to 5”. With a little dedication and faith I think anyone can make gains. One things for sure, you’re at the right place to make it happen. So good luck and happy gaining.

Current: 6.5"BPEL x 5"EG First Goal: 7" x 5.75" Ultimate Goal: 8" x 6" Hey Peter North has one.....why not me?

Thanks all

Thanks all I will dedicate my time and effort thanks for making me feel welcome ciao

I say give it your best shot!

5/1/04 Before: 6.75x4.75" started back up again. 2/1/06 7 4/16x5" 3/1/06 7 7/16x5"

Goal: 8.5x6"

focusing on length now with stretches, hanging, and jelqing

It will work. But so must you. Determination, patience, and persistance is key. It will work. It will work. Just keep saying that over and over.


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Start with the Newbie Thread :D . I am such a brown-noser.


Best of luck to you Mick. Stick with the programs and you will get there.

There's a snake in my boot!

Mickey, how old are you?

"Drunk chics dig me."

I think PE works, just be consistent and I’m sure your will get gains.

Welcome Mickie, it cant hurt to try, good luck in your quest :)

cead mile failte :lep:

Hi Mickie,

A word of warning before you begin, firstly it’s addictive and secondly you’re going to have to be here for the long term… No slacking off after six months.

Oh, and take photos of your penis today so you’ll have something to look back on. :)

August 2004: 5.0" EL NBP 4.9" EG August 2005 5.75 EL NBP 5.5" EG May 2006 6.25 EL NBP 6.25 EG

May 2008 6.25 EL BP 5.5 EG

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