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2nd month.success goes on.another half of an inch

2nd month.success goes on.another half of an inch

I started two months ago penis enlarging through a simple routine of streching and jelqing.I tried to be as intense as I could.I had amazing results in the first month.from 6,4” erected length I went to 7,2”..

During the second month I kept this routine.just added some little mins of streching and jelqing.I was and am for now attacking mainly my ligs.My lot is about 9.even my jelqing is with low’s like a jelq strech combination.After the second month I managed to get about half an inch(1 cm)more.)))Now I measure about 7,6”.My girth remained the same..

I suppose I am a very quick gainer and I am very happy for it.I had not realized exactly what had happened to my penis till yesterday night I met an old affair of me and had sex after six months.previously pe I just could touch her cervix sometimes and slightly.yesterday she ouched when I thrusted inside cause I was PUSHING her cervix badly.pushed me back and asked what was happening.)))) a clear all you guys out there keep it going.gains will come.

:thumbs: Simply awesome gains, congrats! Hope you do before and after pics, man!

Thanks a lot Eroset.I am planning to post fotos after I complete 6 months.I have taken already a pre pe foto.

Thanks a lot ThunderSS.I will.

Originally Posted by Herman1

Thanks a lot Eroset. I am planning to post fotos after I complete 6 months. I have taken already a pre pe foto.

That’s great news. It’s almost sad when folks make great gains but don’t have a good starting pic to compare with.

Exactly Eroset, I wish I had a pic of my NBP 5.5 in exactly the same position I measure now so I could show a nice 8 NBP inches from then to the world to prove just how great PE can be. What’s funny is maybe we are developing scar tissue? Or something else? Who knows? But my dick works better then it ever has before and no one cares about what’s on the inside of your dick when your fucking (that’s weird) as long as everything works good. Thank you PE. :)

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