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28 inches?

28 inches?

Not to be dumb I read that it is possible to get your penis up to 28 inches long if you read around and I wanted to know if this is true?

Sure, but it would take 67 years.

I think there are limits to how long you can get your penis to lengthen, I beleive 28 inches is past those reasonable limits.

Well, there are those African tribal women who have 15 inch necks, so I imagine that the limits to the things we can slowly shape our bodies into might be very high. I think 67 years sounds like a good target time for a 28 inch goal, just remember to start slow and warm up first.

Honestly, 28 inches seems a little high even for max lig/tunica gain. Maybe 20 inches over a heck of a long time? Who knows? Maybe a genetically larger guy would have the ability to gain more and push into that area, but it would be pretty pointless.

I met Fu yesterday, nice guy.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I read in a medical book that if all of the collagen fibrils in a ligament or tendon were straight (as opposed to crosslinked), that it would be about 4x longer. It seems that the collagen in the tunica is crosslinked even moreso than in the aforementioned collagenous structures, so in THEORY it is possible I guess. In practice though, I doubt it would be possible, no matter how much time and effort one put into it, to reach even 3x the original length. To be honest, even the biggest gainers have made about a 2x gain.

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