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20v 50w UV filter-001 lamp

20v 50w UV filter-001 lamp

I’m using this lamp as a warming tool but theres a intense light coming out of it. Can it damage my sensitive skin if I use it for a long time?

What lamp is that then ? :)

I think that warming up will be much more effective using the hot wraps method for a couple of minutes.

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Just a regular lamp with that type of bulb my bad

I’m no technician but pretty sure that a lamp that gives regular light will not harm your skin. :)

Start: 5.12" (February 15th, 2006)

Current: too soon to measure

Goal: 6.50" or more

Hey nice idea!! We are getting tecnical at it huh

Just make sure thereĀ“s room for it!

I don’t know what the UV filter -001 stands for, but Ultraviolet light is not good for skin or eyes in prolonged exposure.

You want to find yourself a table lamp that is classed for 150 or 200 W (important!), and then go to you Home Depot and get yourself an IR lamp. Don’t forget to cover your balls or you fry your sperm.

regards, mgus

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Damn! I got four kids, I should use that to fry my lil soldier’s. Lol . Easier than getting snipped!!!

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