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2.5 years later.

2.5 years later.

And Nothing.

Well, not technically true, I gained quite a lot of girth and probably just short of .05” length in the first few months, but since then nothing.

I started off on the newbie routine, then upped the level of jelqs. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing when I was gaining in (It’s a long time ago, and back then I assumed it would continue so didn’t pay too much attention!). After the first month or 2 though, I just couldn’t gain. I probably upped it to 400 jelqs + stretches soon after, but that didn’t really help so I cut back as I saw it as a waste of time.

What I have found is stopping altogether makes me lose all my previous gains. Not fair!

So I dropped it to around 200-250 jelqs. I think after a while I noticed more negative PI’s when doing stretching, so I dropped that. I continued at around 200 jelqs for a long time there, knowing full well that it didn’t seem to be helping me gain, but I knew full well that stopping would see me revert back to original size. This always happens, it takes less than a week and it’s all gone (luckily it does seem to come back after a few weeks of jelqing).

I’ve been reading these forums for as long as I have been PE’ing, and about 6 months ago I read a theory on how for some people, less is more. I decided to give this a go - if I can’t gain, then why not try to minimise the amount of time whilst possibly getting some unexpected gains?

I dropped it to around 100-125 jelqs, and this was enough to maintain. As expected, no gains, but at least I maintained previous gains (and for less time). I added in some stretches, going mostly for BTC stretches, but this doesn’t seem to have helped.

That’s a brief summary of the last 2.5 years, obviously I’ve probably changed things around more than that, but my memory isn’t that good, and I’m trying not to produce a brick wall of text here.

So, it’s time I finally ask for help now. I want to see growth again!! I didn’t know what to change, I considered may be after 2.5 years I needed a decon but that doesn’t make sense seeing as I lose when I do that. Just to point out, I do have rest days.

I’m thinking now that I should up the jelqs again. I can’t remember that well, may be when I was doing 300 the negative PIs was because of a lack of rest days? After a few days off (shrinkage began already!) I have started again at 200 jelqs for the last 2 days (had a rest day today). 50 of these have been OH grip, which I’ve not done before. I’ll begin to up this steadily, and add in some stretches as from my next PE workout, whilst ensuring no more than 2 consec days of PE’ing. I’ll also add in some edging.

I am wondering whether my penis has adapted to this kind of exercise though, and may be it is time to begin hanging to continue progress? I read another theory on here recently along those lines, that as you start to plateau you should move along to the next level (?) of PE’ing.

Just as a side note, I realised tonight that my initial length gain may well have come purely down to the englarged head achieved through jelqing, in which case they are not true length gains?

Does anyone else find all their good work is undone after a week or so out of it? It’s so frustrating to have spent god knows how much time over the last few years, and in the space of a week it’s all undone.

Mr. Plateau is wondering if it was worth it at all.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Plateau

Does anyone else find all their good work is undone after a week or so out of it? It’s so frustrating to have spent god knows how much time over the last few years, and in the space of a week it’s all undone.

In my short space of time with PE (6 months) I’ve had the same thing happen to me when I’ve been forced to take a break. I lose a lot of my gains & my libido reduces and things regress very quickly.

Now,I get it all back within 2 or 3 sessions of good,regular PE but it’s frustrating to say the least.It’s also quite scary to think that I could potentially lose everything I’ve worked so hard for so quickly :(

Now in your case,I will let the experts step in and share their vast knowledge but I will say this….

with PE you need to find what works and stick with it and then when the plateaux’s start you simply employ a different variation on what has been working for you but to change routines completely and then change and keep changing out of frustration is simply a recipe for longterm failure.

Maybe look back at what made you experience your initial gains 2.5 years ago and start with that again and take it from there.Get back to the basics so to speak. Also make sure you keep up to date with any new discoveries and breakthroughs this site has unveiled as being armed with that knowledge can save you much time,pain and heartache in your quest for a bigger penis.

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It’s not clear to me if you have tried a decondition-break.

Have you been doing PE consistently like 5 times a week?

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I don’t know if you’ve had a decon break. But when I started I gained quite a bit, after a while those gains stopped coming even with me upping the routine, so I took a couple of weeks off, started back with the newbie routine, after a week of that I gained 0.25 inches in length.

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What is your current routine? Start to finish, just curious.

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This to me sounds like the case of someone who did too much too soon in their PE career and potentially conditioned their penis against gains too early. The lack of logic to the routine has perhaps seen no cementing and then a massive amount of over conditioning. Logical and consistent progress starting from a low point is the best approach in my view.

That said Mr P has seen gains. My first view would be a long decon break, perhaps upwards of 2 months.

Again MR P you only mention manual routines. I wouldn’t claim I have exhauted gains until I’d investigated other PE methods, hanging, pumping clamping.

Also you don’t mention what type of stretching you are doing. Have you introduced fulcrum stretching etc and not just simple directional stretching?

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Ditto to a lot of frustration here..I’ve been at it for some time now and after the initial stretches and jelqs the penis looks more like what I want. Then things go back to the way they were shortly after that…no gains. I’ve tried almost everything so far.. pumps, pills, extenders, stretches, jelqs, etc. It would seem that a lot of guys here do have success with their routines so far I’ve yet to see any gains, but I’m going to continue on for a while longer.

Thanks guys, I’ve decided to keep at it a while longer.

Forgot to mention I have also done kegels during the time I’ve been doing this, and I’ll include them again in the new routine - but trying harder to make sure I isolate the muscle.

Should I go for ADS or hanging? I think it’s easier to get an ADS device, some of the hanging ones look quite technical for someone with no DIY skills. What is the simplest hanging device?

I’ll be patient, give it a try, and if I don’t gain then I won’t be despondent and give up, I’ll try the decon break many of you have suggested. I’m going on holiday in 6 weeks so will take a view on how things are going then. If I don’t think anything has changed at all, I’ll take up a 2 month decon break - it will be hard losing what little gains I’ve made, but may be the way to do it.

One thing for sure, I will be taking greater note of my PI’s.. I’ll probably make a log of what exercises I have done, and any associated PI’s noticed. Hopefully I can then decipher what works and what doesn’t.

I’ll add in Fowfer stretching and keep up the BTC stretching. Over the 2.5 years I have mostly jelqed rather than stretched, so may be that is where I have gone wrong. Any other stretches I should go for? Do you have much rest between stretches, I.e. If you did 5 mins stretching does that mean a full 10 30second stretches? Is it generally accepted that you should do stretches on the same day as jelqing?

Thanks for the links marinera.

I’m thinking it would be wiser to go move on to ADS rather than straight in to hanging, should be a bit more of a steady exercise increase?

Also, I’ve seen the Shunga Roll ADS and that looks very easy to set up.

I’m sure in the past I’ve gone wrong by over training, for example if a knew I’d have to have 2 days off due to other commitments, I’d try and get 3-4 days on the trot prior to that to make up for it. I realise now it doesn’t work like that. Max 2 days on now.

I’m going to really concentrate on the stretches now, without wanting to over do it at first of course. A lot of people have suggested Fowfer’s, I’ve now introduced these in to my workout.

What about JAI or V Stretches? And normal directional stretches? Should I be doing all of them and rotating on different days?


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