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2 years to gain Hope for a negative guy


2 years to gain Hope for a negative guy

Okay so this is a long time coming. No puns intended.

So I’ve been a bit of a mess the last few months. After giving up hope I would ever have sex again or ever be happy, ever experience marriage or happiness or the comfort of a kiss at the movies I by chance met the girl of my dreams. I’ve made a few posts most of which were negative not by intention but by desperation.

Over the last few months I have really struggled with my demons, my weight, my body scars and of course my penis and it has been really difficult. In fact extremely difficult, so much worse than I had imagined it would be mainly because I have fell in love for the first time.

I had just decided to give up on myself, had signed up for a volunteer program in Africa and had decided to live my life for others because I didn’t want to waste it, when I met her. She is beautiful. So much a stunner. And although I’m not ugly I never imagined a girl this hot would ever want to talk to me nevermind be with me.

As it turns out she I amazingly beautiful as a person as well, and over the last few weeks she had signaled her intent to be with me and told me she loved me. I broke down and told her I was flawed and ugly and I hid behind my clothes but she insisted she didn’t care. And we could work on it.

Then come the day when I told her I was small. And I know not the smallest but small. All her boyfriends have been well endowed by her own admission and as well she admits she loves sex. She was taken aback and understandably shocked but after a while she said I had nothing to be ashamed of and it wasn’t anyone’s fault and I shouldn’t beat myself up.

Then she told me she still loved me and maybe we could find a way to make it work. Still she admitted we would probably have a mismatch as such but perhaps we should still try. I was so ashamed. She is drop dead gorgeous. I’m fat and scarred and have a small cock. But still she loved me. Although I tortured myself she hasn’t seen it yet.

We kissed cuddled an heavy petted but naturally it became not enough and we lusted for each other but still I was ashamed and backed off and said I was sorry I couldn’t please her and I just wanted her to be happy and she should try another guy.
After a while she came back and told me she still loved me and was there anything, any hope to change myself to give “us” a chance because she felt we had something worth fighting for.

Reluctantly I said there was a small hope. An Internet long shot with little research but so called examples of results. Basically I told her about PE and the fact that it might be a long shot but it also took time and it’s time we don’t have. Her response was magical. I’ll wait. I don’t care how long.

I told her if it was to work within 2 years I might be able to reach average length and girth but it’s not guaranteed. Her response was again magical. Two years. And then we have to try regardless. I agreed. Amazing.

I love her so much, our connection is incredible. I’ve never been in love, thought it was a dream not a reality. How wrong I was.

As it happens we got onto the subject of being “close” and she said she was desperate to take it to the next level because the pull we have was so strong. And I agree it is undeniably strong. So I nested just because I’m flawed doesn’t mean you are. And so it is, next week I see her and I have to give the best cunnilingus of my life and try and blow her mind with my hand skills. A feat which I cannot wait to accomplish, I want her to cum so badly and be happy.

She says in the two years we can try all the things that the world of sex offers without actually having intercourse and was I okay with not recieving? I assured her I was and masturabtion was still in the cards. I’m just too embarrassed to show her myself at the moment. Maybe that will change .

So. Two years to gain an inch or so and as much girth as I can. I know it’s probably not healthy. And optimistic. But for the moment I feel amazing. Back to the newbie routine with my eye on the bathmate and size genetics after three months.

Wish me luck. I love this girl.

Well, bash on.

Sounds like you have quite a bit to work for, more than most if us it seems.

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Thanks mate. I’m going to get my body as good as I can as well in the time and try and be the best guy I can for her. Looking at your stats gives me hope. I just hope that she holds out for that long or that somehow it won’t matter.

Good luck Blue,

You sound like a true romantic and a great person. She sounds lucky to have someone who cares as much as you. I hope the best for you..

Remember to not go too aggressively and injure yourself. Small incremental gains will take you further than fast dangerous gains. Any injury may prevent you from reaching your potential, so be safe.

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Originally Posted by Small blue
Thanks mate. I’m going to get my body as good as I can as well in the time and try and be the best guy I can for her. Looking at your stats gives me hope. I just hope that she holds out for that long or that somehow it won’t matter.

I got into this to get away from bad feelings but you are moving toward good feelings.


Best of luck to you.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

First off I want to say good luck in your journey in becoming a better person overall. This girl is lucky to have someone who would work as hard as you for her.

This may be easier said than done, but improved confidence will go a long way. If this beautiful girl is in to you, you obviously have good qualities that you should be proud of. Another thing is to be confident in your penis size, you’re of average size and are plenty big enough to please her if you know what you’re doing. Don’t worry about your size and just work with what you have for now. Stay dedicated to PE and you’ll have the penis you want in the future.

If you stay dedicated and do your research, an inch in length is quite reasonable for 2 years of PE. If you lose weight you will also see an increase in your non bone pressed stats as well.

Also one last comment, I find it a bit unreasonable that she expects you to please her exclusively while you receive nothing. Just because you’re a bit smaller than her previous partners does not mean you cannot please her. Brush up on your sexual skills and ask her for a chance to prove yourself. It’s not fair for you to have to jerk it by yourself while she gets to be pleasured by you. But that’s just my opinion, of you’re perfectly ok with this than keep doing what you’re doing.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Hy Small Blue. According to your stats, you where 5x4.5 one month ago, and you are now 5.5x4.625. You aren’t big, but you aren’t that small either, I’d say on the low side of the average. I know you are copying with emotions and not with rationality, but I think you shouldn’t wait 2 years to have sex with this girl becuause you have more than enough to make her cum through intercourse. Most sold dildos are about your size, believe it or not.

The gains I have seen are probably due to EQ I measured pretty well but my penis is definitely harder than it was. I think it’s the overall package to be honest, I am overweight with bad stretch marks and a below average penis. I guess if my body was good id have more confidence.

I agree I need to be more confident but it’s hard as you guys might well know yourselves. The only giving and not recieving is more my choice than hers I’m not ready to bare all just yet. I’m hoping I can in the future and that PE helps with that fear.

Thank you guys for your kind comments saying she’s lucky. But in reality I am the lucky one. She is absolutely put of my league at this stage in time. Hopefully I can decrease that gap with a bit of self improvement.

Here’s to trying. Working against the impossible.

It sounds like she wants to try but you are holding back because of how you feel about yourself?

2 years is a long time, yes you can grow in that time, but it will be a slow growth and it wont seem like you suddenly have a big cock, and believe me, all your issues will grow along with your penis.

If she is wanting to be physical with you now then take a chance or you will lose her within two years. The way I read it you are the one deciding you are not small enough to satisfy her and you are convincing her of that even though, like marinera said, you are not small. Let her decide. How does that saying go? “If you love something, let it have sex with you.” or something like that. :)

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

I’m 5.5NBPEL and 4.625 MEG but only 4.0 at the tip.

You’re fine Small blue. Believe it! PE all you want but don’t miss out on sex just because you think you are small. You are not tiny or unsuable. Mayble a tiny bit below the average but man there are some people with even smaller penises out there killing women on a daily basis. Besided believe me when I tell you sex is very secondary to majority of women in the world.

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You are ready to give a long time in your life to those who are in need. You are a great man then.

You are self-conscious and will get rid of surplus weight and get fit again. Therefore you are a great man!

You are, for a reason, able to attract a stunning woman and the two of you fall in love. You really are a great man!

And you have the balls to tell her you are small in the dick department, which is not really true, but you feel small. Ok, so you were facing your biggest fears and thought she might quit for that reason. Now this is what really can be called a great man.

She wants you and you want her. Now, here and not in 2 years. Because she knows and feels you really are great. Behind every great dick should follow a great man. You already are a great man, and your dick is great too. Maybe not big in your eyes, but great because this stunning lady desires him.

So give her all the love she wants, needs and deserves - and thanks to persistent PE you will reach your goals. Women see more than only a dick when they look at men - they see the entire man. It’s the men who overestimate the importance of dick size, not the women.

Any questions left?

Just do it!

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