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2 weeks of PE

2 weeks of PE

Alright so after the first week of PE I didnt really notice much.but near the end of 2, I can tell I am bigger wen erect and my flaccid is also bigger, this is insane

Yes the same with me too! After 10 days! Been on the newbie program.

Length goal:

Start: 15,5 cm (6,2 inches)

Goal: 17,5 - 20 cm (7-8 inches)

Me too, I can’t believe it. My dick seemed a lot more sore before now it just feels heavier.LOL man I’m ecstatic.this is great

Form what I have seen (my own experience) and heard that is normal when doing PE correctly. Keep at the newbie routine for 3 months though, don’t over due it in belief you will get better gains faster.

Current measure ment 8-2-06 EL- 5.5, EG- 5.25, BPEL-6 7/6, BPFSL-7.25

Short term goal EL- 6.0, EG-5.5

Long term goals EL- 7 to 7.5, EG- 5.5 to 6.0

First gains are fast, then it gets slow… just keep on going.

This are the first signs that PE is working for you. Congrats about that. Keep using the newbie routine for another 3 months, like Goal Driven suggested.

I have had similar results after 2 weeks as well. But after lurking for a while and doing extensive reading, I am with the others, DON’T OVERDO IT! It’s no good to have a huge pee pee, and not being able to use it due to injury. Think marathon, not 100 yard dash. All the ones who have been here for a while will tell you the same.

My 2 cents worth.

Originally Posted by goinfor8

Think marathon, not 100 yard dash.

Thats worth 2 inches of penis

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Thanks for the encouragement. It just so happens I am wanting 2 inches of penis.

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