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2 week mark

2 week mark

Hi there,

I don’t have enough posts to start a new thread in the progress log section but I just had to let someone know the exciting news!

After 2 weeks I have gained 0.3 inches in length. I realise these may be newbie gains or increased EQ but they are gains nonetheless and are definitely a great motivator!

I just have a couple of questions;

1. I haven’t had any remote sign of girth gains yet. Is this normal at 2 weeks or should I be doing something different? I think my erection level during jelqing may be a bit lower than it should be but I don’t feel like I am getting a good grip at any higher levels.

2. There is some discolouration on my glans. I believe this may be to do with the pressure from using the trapped blood as an anchor during stretching. I am trying Bio-oil as I’ve always had some uneven colouration on the shaft (probably due to lots of masturbation and my ethnic background) and and trying to at least even it out, but would a better warmdown combat this? I find my rice sock goes too cool before the end of my sessions and my mother may wonder what I’m microwaving twice in 20 minutes of each other at X O’clock in the morning!

2b. (Related to 2. So it doesn’t count as a 3rd question.. Maybe?) I have a 60W desk lamp (with a reflector-type bulb, so all the heat is going one way) pointed at my willy presently. It seems to be thoroughly warmed through but I was wondering if anyone would foresee any problems?



Patience is key!
2 weeks is no time at all.

As for your discoloration- can you try varying your grip? Perhaps if you used something like powder/a glove/ toilet paper to improve your grip, you wouldn’t need to grip so hard?

I’ve never used a desk lamp for warming- I use an IR lamp- I’d say don’t get too close, longer at a slightly lower heat is better than too hot too soon.
Just my two cents…

I thought as much but that’s fine with me. I’m patient, but I just didn’t want to be missing out on something I could have had if I changed something!

I hadn’t thought of that. I think the other problem may be that I have already spread bio-oil or some lotion by this point, so that’s bound to destroy any sort of grip I would have had, so I’ll try it dry tomorrow and see how that goes.

Indeed, I’ve been using the trick of putting my hand next to my penis to test the heat as penises really don’t seem to be sensitive to heat whatsoever! I figure that there are guys on here using Infra-red lamps at 150W at about a foot away, so a desk lamp 60W at 6 inches away shouldn’t be too far off the mark!


You could go out and buy an electric heat pad. There are some for less than $20 on Amazon. I’ve been using the same cheap heat pad for 15 years. Very useful for your entire body.

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