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2 questions from the older newcommer. please ?

2 questions from the older newcommer. please ?

Hi guys,

I am completely new to this. Sorry for my bad English and if my questions are naive…
I have found it mentioned somewhere that jelq and stretch could fix the curved penis (I have one).
Anyone had experience with the issue?
And I wonder what the proper technique should be to straighten it up…
I don’t want to get it even more curved for sure…

Another thing. My length is not that bad 7” but I would like to gain some girth. My concern is could it be too late?
I am 42 year old. Is this only for young guys or does it work for older like me as well?

I would greatly appreciate comments.

Thanks and best of luck for all of you!

PS. I have tried jelq first time today after warming up and I like how it feels. Lets hope it works as well :)

The Search button will get you a lot of threads where curves and bends are discussed. Just type in “curved dick” or some other similar phrase and you’ll get a lot of info.

Here’s just one thread.

42 and you think you are old?? :)

There is ample evidence here that older guys (older than you) sometimes get better gains than some of the kids here. Don’t even think of age as a factor. Just pick a program that fits into your time schedule and feels sensible to you and keep at it. Hint: early on, go into PE in a very gradual way, “conditioning” your cock in slow but sure ways. PE is not a race. Plan on a year of this, but with luck you will be a fast gainer.



thank you avocet 8,

I think I actually have read all the forums already. there were few posts about curves but not much specific info.
I will try that search button in case I have missed something.
The posts were very encouraging actually… And I am not afraid to work a year or two to straigten up that hook I have :)

Thank you for advice once again

Hi, 42 is not too old! :)

We have had quite a few threads about curvature and what exercise routines have worked for correcting it. The problem can be digging through all of the threads to find them. I just did a search for “curvature correcting” and got some good ones.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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