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2 months without significant gains

2 months without significant gains

I’m a little bit more then 2 months in PE. Normally it is worming up, jelqing, stretching, worming down. I use dry jelqing , alternate grips and hands. I do to tally 600 jelqs with overhand or c-grip. I start with c-grip to fill in with blood and then overhand grip. I use again c- grip, when penis is getting more flaccid. After jelqing start simple stretches upward, outward, left and right directions 5 x 10 seconds every direction.
I do these exercises twice per day, have rest days not regularly. Kegels are also my every day exercise (15 long by 10 second, 500 short). PJ started Nov.7. This is great day. Revolution day. If someone has interest to history, can guess were I’m from.

So this is my routing. What results do I have. FL gain is noticeable mainly, EL gains small. Bellow is table with my results.

Erect Length Erect Girth Flaccid Length Flaccid Girth Width Volume Submit Date
6.1 5.11 3.5 4.33 1.627 12.675 9/13/2007
6.1 5.11 4.53 4.33 1.627 12.675 9/24/2007
6.3 5.11 4.56 4.33 1.627 13.091 10/15/2007
6.49 5.28 4.57 4.72 1.681 14.398 11/16/2007

Dear forum member, please, your thoughts, advises.

Can you imaging were I’m now? No, you can not. I’m in Uzbekistan. I’m in Tashkent. You do not know were is it. I’m very sad about you. Please, respond on my massage. I need your opinion, help, advises. I want to have 8’’ BPEL
Yours truly, Amarant.

Hey those are good gains for only 2 months of PEing. It will take time and dedication to get really big gains. You have almost gained .5 inches which is very good. I only gained .25 inches in my first 2 months. Take your time and do not rush things.


Sep.12, 2007

BPEL 7.75" and EG 5.125"

600 Jelqs sounds a little excessive for the first 2 months. Your penis is probably too busy trying to repair the damage you caused to it to grow properly. My personal advice would be to rest more and take it slow. These things take time.

Starting Stats: 7 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG (April 14, 2010)

Current Stats: 7 BPEL x 5.8125 MSEG

I agree, those are nice gains.

From what I see from the veterans here, patience is the key. PE is a marathon.

Your gains so far are not insignificant. But it sounds like you are overdoing it. Maybe try limiting your sessions to once a day, and including regular rest days. Your unit does need to heal, and a lot of people find that the “less is more” approach works best for them. Also maybe try slower, more focused jelqs. Instead of going for high numbers of reps, just set an amount of time (10, 20 minutes, whatever) for jelqing, and focus on getting good quality reps in.

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race!

Thank you for advises. I re think my routing and re design it.

OK. Had a couple of day’s rest. Limited sessions to one per day. During jelqing look at time (jelq 10- 15 min) and quality. Increased time of starches up to 30 sec on stretch. I started to use overhead grip for starching. It is more convenient for me, so I can hold 30 sec and more. I put today new data in PE Statistic

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