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2 months in, no gains. Suggestions

2 months in, no gains. Suggestions

Here’s my stat:
EG: 5.65~5.7
Target: as much length as I can get, slight gain in girth is enough

So I have been doing pe for 2 months (starting at the beginning of march), except the more visible vein nothing seems to change at all. I measure it so far no gains. Here’s my routine for the first month:

Work out almost every other day, a total of 13 session in March.
Warm up at least 5 mins, usually more
Wet jelq from 100 to 110 times
Oriental massage (4 directions stretches x9 each direction, rotary stretches x9 each sides, thighs touching stretches x9 each sides)x1 to 2 set
Kegel 60 time 5 sec holds

2nd month
First week of April=rest because I felt sore from previous PE
Similar routine as March, but less sessions, about 9 sessions in April

Work out every other day, with at least one rest day in between
Warm up
Wet jelq 110 times
Oriental massage only one set
Have been switching to dry jelq 2 times, so far so good
Kegel 60x 5 secs hold at the first half of the month then increase intensity to about 80x5 secs

So any recommendation or suggestion? I thought my workout is relatively light, and I don’t really have too many symptoms of over-training except occasion soreness after sessions (which kinda feel like jerking off 4 times back-to-back, by the way), which I usually cope with resting for 2 days then start again, but I don’t think I am ready for increase in intensity nor volume either because of the occasion soreness.

Everytime I felt sore, usually it came from my left base. I have pretty strong curvature to the left because of masturbation or habits. But I am pretty ok with it so I never think about fixing it at all, but will this affect my growth?

Another question, I am thinking about switching to dry jelq from wet in May, is it a good idea? Or should I keep wet jelq for one more month and condition my penis before going dry since it’s more intense?

Finally, I am pretty confuse with my situation. In a way that my routine seems to be pretty light, with no increases in volume and quite abundant amount of rest days, I should be an undertrainner. But the occasion soreness suggests that I might be overtrainning myself, which side is the truth?

Thanks anyone for contribution!

SOUnds like it’s uyour direction stretches that are causing a problemTry easing off the pull a bit - or leave them off fora a week or two and see if that eases things.

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Personally I think you may be a rare case of an undertrainer! Most guys start with too much of an advanced routine, you sound the opposite.

For example, I think by month 2 you should be on at 2 on, 1 off. Remember, 100 jelqs isn’t that much, you need to be increasing time on jelqing and stretching over the weeks. Look for the linear newbie routine.

As for the sore feeling. Well on such a light routine I don’t think you have much to fear from injury after 2 months. There is a balance between soreness and pain, I understand it is a delicate balance, but I’ve always seen soreness as a good sign, but not pain.

There is no good reason why after 2 months you shouldn’t be on 2 on, 1 off at least. Equally, no way on this sort of routine should you require a week off for rest, it simply isn’t required.

If you do any exercise, you will be sore and ache, that is good, pain is obviously bad.

It’s time for you to up the duration and number of sessions you are doing.

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Thanks! That helps because I am pretty confused about my routine.

Wow! Your starting girth is pretty amazing. I agree with Ruz_. Go with a 2 on 1 off and surprise surprise, you’ll see gains! Happy gaining. :)

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