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2 Month Report

2 Month Report

2007-03-30 BPEL 6.000 EG 4.900
2007-04-18 BPEL 6.310 EG 5.060
2007-05-30 BPEL 6.500 EG 5.250

I can’t quite post in the Progress Reports forum and I felt like I had to tell someone.. This stuff really works, well.

Here’s my routine:
2 on 1 off
5 minute rice sock warmup
10 minutes manual stretching
30 minute dry jelqs
5 minute warmdown

Kegeling whenever.

I got pretty inconsistent a couple of weeks ago. School and work really started wearing me out. Anyway, with school out for the summer and work slowing down, I was thinking of ramping up my routine a bit (assuming it’s safe to do so). I’d like to incorporate Horse 440s, some more intense stretching like BTC and V/A stretches, and maybe some ballooning. I tried a few 440s at low pressure and even then it felt a little too intense, but then again I’ve never seen it balloon out that much.

So, am I “conditioned” enough to add in some new things, or just stick to what’s working?

Wow. That’s fantastic!
I think you’re really happy right now.

30 min of dry jelqs is intense enough, so try to wait a little bit for horses, maybe concentrate more on those jelq and make them even better (perfection comes slowly). About stretching I think it is safe to try A/V version.

Good luck for your PE career.

I say stick to whats working. Nice gains by the way. BTC stretches and V stretches kick ass, you should definately try them. Good for flaccid length and lengthening the tunica.

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Don’t fix what ain’t broke. That way when your gains stop you will have new stuff to try, and you will avoid over training. Speaking of which it may not be a bad thing that you were inconsistent, as it may have helped prevent over training as well. Recommendation: don’t increase/ change anything, until you have to.

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