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2 month progress

2 month progress

Alright guys, so I started PEing roughly 2 months ago, if not less, and I have a few questions that I’d like to be answered.

First of all, for some reason I constantly change my routine daily. What I mean is that I do the newbie jelqs and stretching for about 30 minutes daily(been doing this since day one) and lately I’ve been adding horse440’s aswell. I get the red spotting after completing a few 10 second Horse’s and after some extensive jelqing, so when this happens I usually let my penis rest a day until the red spots are completely gone. I’ve measured and I see changes in both length and girth (I’m 4.6 from 4.5 and about 7.2 with a full erection from 6.9). I really need something that will help my girth, because at this point I find myself completely helpless in that area. I really don’t want/need anymore length because I find that it’s already perfect for me. On the other hand, I would really like to see some massive girth gains in the next 2 months or so. I’ve just started the horse440’s and I’m unsure if I’m doing them correctly, but from my reading I’ve concluded that I’m pretty much doing them correctly considering the red spotting that follows after and the plumpness that I see while I do them(girth reaches about 5 during Horse’s). Should I add some clamping aswell and maybe get rid of the jelqing altogether and focuse more on that, or should I let the jelqing be and just add a few clamps randomly spread throughout the day? I think my penis can handle it, I mean it’s a pretty tough cookie. >:)

So what should my prefered girth routine be?

Oh, and another question I’ve been asking myself. My flaccid stats are 5x4 and for some reason when erect I only gain .6 in girth. Is it due to erection, or is this the true potential of my penis? Is everyones potential during erection different?

First of all, don’t get rid of jelqing. It is the basis for a good girth routine. COnsider hard before you start clamping. I started too soon and nearly injured myself. I wouldn’t even think about clamping until I had 4 or 5months under my belt. I just got back into clamping a couple weeks ago. I’ve been PEing for about 6 months now. Clamping is very extreme. It will help your girth in a big way, but like I said be very very careful. And be very very sure you are ready for it. If I were you I’d wait for a couple months.

Do you do wet jelqs or dry? I would consider incorporating dry jelqs, or if you already do them then do more of them. Be careful with the Horse440s. It’s easy to hurt yourself. If you do so much that you need to take a day off you may be overdoing things. Dry jelqs are my girth routine of choice. I do about 800 a day. I also throw in some squeezes bends and clamping. Just try upping your jelqs for a little while.

About the growth from flaccid girth to erect girth, everyone is different. You are what we consider a shower. You have a large flaccid that doesn’t get much bigger when erect. There’s nothing wrong with it and I don’t think it shows potential, or the lack thereof, at all.


Hmmm, so basically I should switch to dry jelqs? I didn’t really figure there would be much of a difference between the two!

I guess I’ll change from wet to dry, and maybe start clamping in a month or so. What should I do with the Horse440’s? I basically Uli into a huge erection, clamp at the base with all my strength and then press my head so that the midshaft becomes engorged. I hold that for about 10 seconds. Is that right? Should I stop or should I keep going, I’ve been doing this for a week or so and I don’t think it’s damaging anything.

Don’t abandon wet jelqs entirely. I still like to bang out 50-100 in the shower when I can, but dry jelqs (when you learn how to do them) are more intense than wet, IMHO. I used to be one who said wet are just as good but I don’t take that stance anymore. So yes try to incorporate some dry jelqs.

If you are fine with doing them keep doing them. Sounds like you are doing it correctly. I’ve just started doing Horses at night before bed on clamping days. They are pretty intense. Don’t do them everyday. I would only do them every other day. I know Vinny is going to chime in on that one. :D


You aren’t experienced enough to be clamping or doing Horse440’s. Stick with the newbie routine for 1-2 months, and then kick up the intensity of that workout. After 3-4 months, if you aren’t getting anymore gains, then you can add those exercises. Don’t become over zealous trying to get big gains fast. You’ll end up hurting yourself.

You said you had red dots on your penis. That’s your body telling you something. It’s saying, “STOP BEING SO ROUGH!” :)

Ahahaha, I guess you’re right. Damn it, PE is just so addicting it’s hard to stop at your limit! :@

But I agree, those little red dots aren’t a positive sign, I’m guessing :p

Originally Posted by EvilDeath
Ahahaha, I guess you’re right. Damn it, PE is just so addicting it’s hard to stop at your limit! :@

But I agree, those little red dots aren’t a positive sign, I’m guessing :p

This is going to sound weird, but red dots are the best negative sign. It means you’re using too much force and you’re hurting yourself, but it also means you’re on the right track. Just tone it down a bit. Ok?

Best negative sign? :S BLARGH. I’ll just listen to you and stop the Horsies. I’ll stick with rigorous dry jelqing.

Does that sound about right?

Not so sure about “rigorous”, but yeah that sounds fine. :p

Originally Posted by EvilDeath
Best negative sign?

Yes. He means they are the best sign that you are doing something wrong (negative).

Yes, just add some time to and bump up the intensity on your existing routine. See what happens.


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